question bout' my LEGACY....

the response system of legacy is double o-ring right?
if i always play, it will slowly gonna be thin??? i mean the o-ring.
it will be thin until it will got no response at all!

is that will gonna happened?

Legacy uses YoYoJam flush silicone response and they usually come unresponsive stock.

It’s not O-ring. It’s silicone. I can tell your enlgish is bad but it will NOT get thin. It might fall out, but never get thinner.

The YoYoJam Legacy uses Silicone, NOT O-Rings. The silicone will fall out over time depending on how much you play it but it wont get thinner.

Yes - Everyone else is correct in saying that it is silicone response system, not double O-Ring. Eventually, you will start getting loose binds, or they may just fall out. If any of these things happen, you will know it is time to change your Legacy’s response. Here is the replacement: