Help with Silicone on Legacy


I was trying out a KK bearing in my legacy and when i opened it up, the response fell out, literally. I have no idea which i the silicone, but this little rubber piece and this flat paper like thing fell out. I can get the paper like thing back in, but the rubber rings wont go back in. They look too big, also. Any ideas?




Same happened to me!!! i cant use my legacy now so im just gonna get some flowable silicone


I have NO idea what that is…



The rubber piece, is the silicone, and the paper is…well, paper. Make sure you take the paper out, cause it will play more unresponsive without it.

If you cant push in the silicone (idk what it is, i can put mine in easily) then you will either have to buy new silicone, or put in flowable silicone.


[quote] I have NO idea what that is…
Are you talking about the flowable silicone? its just liquid silicone that you can put in a yoyo response area. let it harden and you got you a brand new response system. here is how you do it.