Can't get the silicone to stay in my Legacy.


This is the fifth time I’ve tried to apply flowable silicone to my Legacy. I pulled the paper backings out of the groove and applied the silicone as I’ve seen in tutorials. It seems that one side of the yoyo will always have the silicone fall out after about a day or so. What could be causing this? Should I just order some rings?


doesnt the legacy come with flowable silicone??? well i would try to get a new set because the one that keeps falling out clearly lost its adhesive thats all! ;D


I’m not using the adhesive silicone rings, they wore out a long time ago. I siliconed the yoyo myself with flowable silicone.


What silicone are you using?


My Lyn Fury does the same thing, I think it might be the slipperiness of the celcon plastic. Try sanding the bottom and sides of the groove (Only a little bit) and then try it. If that oesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you except to try what the others have said.


make sure it is smooth and no pieces of silicone are sticking out from the groove that might catch the string and the string might yank it from the groove and to make sure it doesnt fall out i let mine dry over night


Did you sand or do anything else to yours?

Also, slightly off-topic but can you put flowable silicone on a Hectic?



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I have the same problem with my Legacy.

keep spinning



I put my YYJ silicone rings in my eight8eight, and they haven’t wore out yet.