Silicone help

I’ve siliconed my Legacy a few times, so i’m still not that great at it. My question is, I’ve heard that the silicone lasts some people months at a time, but whenever i do it, it always tears and falls out after only a few weeks, so i just want to know how to do it better. Thanks in advance!

A few weeks is not that bad.

It really depends on how long you play with the yoyo.

ha. what a coincidence, today i was playing with it, and the silicone fell out. It looked perectly fine and had I just changed it last week.

what kind of silicone do you use?

Try cleaning the recesses out with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip before siliconing the yo-yo.

I use permatex flowable silicone. And yeah I’ll try cleaning out the groove with a q tip next time.

does the silicone have to be rtv? I went to my local hardware store and they just happened to be out of rtv, but they have flowable silicone like the picture below, which I bought instead to use for the time being. Is it worse or all the same really, aside from the usual factor of which one last longer and has a harder time being cleaned up?

Flowable is Room Temperature Vulcanizing. If it weren’t it would stay a liquid and would not cure. Flowable is supposedly easier to apply and is less durable than Gasket Maker.

Clear lasts for a good month or two or three
Red RTV is like Half a year ( If Good )
It really dpeneds what kind of silicone
How cheap is it
what color , how long youve played

that picture shows the exact same silicone that i use. Im going to start using the red stuff since apparently it lasts longer and changing the silicone every other week is annoying.

Wait what Yo-Yo are you putting your Flowable silicone in? If I read correctly, your putting it in your Legacy.

I think I know what the problem is. the Legacy is made of Celecon, which is very slick. I don’t think your Flowable silicone is holding onto the plastic well enough.

I have a Legacy with Permatex flowable silicone, and it works just fine… but then again I never use that thing =/

Red silicone only lasts longer if it stays in the Yo-Yo, so if it won’t stay, I wold just go back to the Flowable Silicone and re-silicone as often as you have to.

On the other hand, if there was a way of making the inside of the recessed groove rougher, then the silicone would probably stay in much better. But that’s only a guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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you got to read.

Lol I know as soon as I posted it I was like “OH YEA He said it was his Legacy :-X”

I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah maybe the plastic’s just too slick because sometimes i would use it for just a few days and i would notice that the binds would get really slippy because the silicone fell out. Alas, i guess i’ll just get another yoyo thats not as slick. I’m really psyched for the Hitman Pro!! ;D