what do you think should i ? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-X :-\ :’( :smiley: ;D ??? :o

It depends…How good are you at yoyoing? Can you bind? What other yoyos do you have?

well its a yoyojam so its naturally gonna be a good yo. if you know how to do a bind really good than its good for you. also if you like the DM than you will love the legacy. it has the same size and shape as the original DM but only cheaper. I havent ever played with one but i know its great Yo yo. later and keep it spinning.

Once you break in the bearing its an absolutely fantastic yoyo in my opinion. I LOVE mine. Put a KK bearing on it and Thin Lube it; It makes for one super great yoyo. Just make sure you can bind.

-Connor ;D

It’s not just a matter of “Can you do a bind?” It’s a matter of “Do you want to have to do a bind each and every time you throw this yoyo?” I’ve thrown a Legacy, and it’s a great yoyo for the price. I don’t own one, because I prefer to throw responsive. If you’re looking for a yoyo that’s not too expensive, and is pretty much unresponsive right out of the box, you want this yoyo.

Have Fun,

I received a Legacy for Christmas and it is awesome for the price and it feels really good in your hand. It has great spin time and its really wide which makes string tricks a lot easier. If you buy it be sure you can do a good bind and I recommend buying some thin lube.

I just bought the Legacy, and I do like it. It is almost impossible to return the yoyo without a bind. Compared to my DM, it is about the same diameter and SLIGHTLY more narrow. It does throw pretty nice, but I feel like the DM is more balanced.

I would go with a DM over the legacy as (IMO) it is more versatile. If you like to be ‘tug’ to return the yo yo, you can. Adversely, if you like to bind, and avoid the response system as much as possiblem you can do that too. Personally, I have thin shims, a KK, and I cut the o-ring flush to the yo yo face, it plays very unresponsive, but binds with little effort from the starburst half. Rolling binds and front binds don’t get any easier.

Of course, the DM is double the price of the Legacy, but I think very much worth it. The DM is balanced, versatile, and plays very smooth (shameless plug).

questions asking ppl what yoyo u should or shouldnt get is always gonna have the same answer: