YYJ Legacy


Hi all!

iv got a freind who has beein yoyoin for a couple of weeks, and want a new yoyo, he asked me what yoyo to get, i duggested the YYJ legacy for him as he would like abit of respone, has just learned binding with my DM but cant do it evry time! what do u guys n gals think? Legacy? or would you recomend somthing else? oh and he would like to pay about £25 (do i guess that about £30-ish not to sure about £ to $)
cheers! oli

(Raphael) #2

the legacy is a GREAT yoyo i dont have one but my bro does, and i use it every day!! it is great for its price, and my brother is learning tricks with it and is getting really good. it will spin for a long time so if he misses a bind, he might get a few more tries before it runs out, :wink:


A Legacy is a great choice!
Other options include a PGM or a Velocity.


cheers guys! thats y i love this site! i put a post up n 5mins i get helpful post back! i think hes gunna go legacy! hes gunna join here soon so im sure he let u all know! lol

(Mark) #5

Also, if he needs a sure way to bind, loop the string in the gap more than once! That will always work!


yeah iv been teaching him! lol saying that iv only been t this 3 months!


Hi Guys,
im Olitizzles friend.
Thanks for the advice, i went and got the legacy and i love it. i cant put it down.
i now know where to come for any yoyo advice!!!


yey! ur on at last! il see you thursday! for DM vs Legacy yoyo jam! (no pun intended) lol
omg thats was shameful! haha!