my brother needs a new yoyo


my brother needs a new yoyo
he decided to get into it since I do it a lot
he needs a yoyo that will last him a long time
he really doent have a preference but he likes my ks and pgm(yes he can bind)
he almost landed a matrix and a split the atom
he is looking at the velocity and likes it a lot but is there any other yoyos that is good for him


If he likes your PGM, then I would recommend him getting a PGM or a Lyn fury.


I highly recommend the PGM. One of my favorties. Anytime I play with mine, I just smile :wink:


anything else
quick im going very soon(to get one)


I suppose any YYJ Bi-metal will also be good for him.


never heard of it


The YYJ’s like the X-Convict, Dark Magic, Hitman, etc.


oh ok thanks


im also quite new to it. i would strongly suggest YYJ Legacy.
they are great for people that are still quite new but can bind!!!

(JonasK) #10

You just hit the head on the nail. The Legacy is made as a “gateway” to unresponsive play.


i don’t know i learned the basics on a hitman


sorry im posting so late I was on a trip
but just FYI my brother is 7 years old