my brother needs a new yoyo

my brother needs a new yoyo
he decided to get into it since I do it a lot
he needs a yoyo that will last him a long time
he really doent have a preference but he likes my ks and pgm(yes he can bind)
he almost landed a matrix and a split the atom
he is looking at the velocity and likes it a lot but is there any other yoyos that is good for him

If he likes your PGM, then I would recommend him getting a PGM or a Lyn fury.

I highly recommend the PGM. One of my favorties. Anytime I play with mine, I just smile :wink:

anything else
quick im going very soon(to get one)

I suppose any YYJ Bi-metal will also be good for him.

never heard of it

The YYJ’s like the X-Convict, Dark Magic, Hitman, etc.

oh ok thanks

im also quite new to it. i would strongly suggest YYJ Legacy.
they are great for people that are still quite new but can bind!!!

You just hit the head on the nail. The Legacy is made as a “gateway” to unresponsive play.

i don’t know i learned the basics on a hitman

sorry im posting so late I was on a trip
but just FYI my brother is 7 years old