So im new at yoyoing but i am rather good in intermediate and advanced tricks is the legacy yo-yo good

yes it is awesome
i personaly love it

Hey, Welcome to the Forums!!! This is your first post eh? Sweet!

So the Legacy is a nice yoyo in my opinion. Its cheap, unresponsive, and a great yoyo to play everyday.
Do you know how to bind? 'Cause if you don’t I wouldn’t recomend the legacy for you right now.

no,I know how to bind

Great! The legacy is amazing. Check this guy out:

His name is Grant Johnson. He used the Legacy for many contest like…

BLC 2009


lol, I know right! ;D
Just refrain from cussing on the forum. It against da rules.

Remember if you have a question fell free to post. HAVE FUN!!!

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ok thanks

man i really want one… but i just gotta maverick so yaa

do you like the maverick

its not bad, i got a 2:30 second sleeper and i can do 3 kwijibos in one sleeper so ya its pretty good, but it sorta responsive but i like it