Legacy Review

There may be another review for the Legacy but I personally believe one review or two may not be enough for a person that’s thinking of buying a Legacy.

The Legacy is the plastic version of the Yoyojam Dark Magic. It is a good yo-yo that has long sleep times and plays very well. Although the describtion in the shop says it comes unresponsive out of the box, it doesn’t. It took a bunch of tricks just to make my Legacy not tug responsive and binding works occasionally.

It has a silicone flush response with paper underneath you have to remove once you get it. Under the Caps are metal weights that make the Legacy spin longer and not lean. The colors though, you have to admit, do not compliment each other (except for the black with black and white with red). If you are the type that likes long spin time and smooth play then this is the yo-yo for you.

Personally what i like best about the Legacy is that it feels great in your hand. It’s big, heavy, and makes you feel that your hand isn’t empty. I don’t like how it is tug responsive at the begining and how you have to break it in and it still is a little tug responsive. Don’t let the store describtion fool you.

Below is a new rating system i developed

Looks 8/10

Response 7/10

Play 9/10

Price So worth it/10

Recommendation to any player 6/10

~Spin On!

nice review, but there are already two other reviews of this yo-yo, one by me, one buy someone else.
also I did not have any plastic backing on my response so that is partially accurate.

Just because there are other reviews does not mean that he can’t make one if he wants to. It actually may be better to get it from different perspectives.

Suggestion: Tell us more about what you liked and/or what you disliked.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I would like to hear good reviews from as many people as possible.

Ok, i’ll change it and give what i like and dislike

okay when it comes to response I prefer O-rings
less replacement costs
the mirror caps look cool but mine the color rubbed off in the middle
looks 8/10
response 5/10
weight 8/10
spin time 7/10

the response on mine ripped out on both sides so mine is out of commission currently
but i do love this yoyo

hmmm. What I think about this yoyo is that it needs just a bit more spin time as when I was learning spirit bomb and And whut my legacy kind of died out on me, causing a HUGE knot. Thats the only complaint i have about this yoyo because i don’t care much about looks. But overall I would give this yoyo an 8/10.

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

if u get black stamp caps doesnt seem to wear off with me, plus u should add in that some legacys have untight binds.

Just to let you guys know there are like 10 DM reviews too,lol.

Different perspectives help.

That’s what I am triing to say.

Yes I concur, The legacy does have very loose binds and is very unresponsive. Also the more binds you try the more the spin runs out.

I have taken the Liberty of making my Legacy my least favorite yo-yo out of my collection.

~Spin On!

Wow, I can bind perfectly fine with my Legacy, as well as many other who people can. I can get a whole lot of people to back you up on this. I think you need to work on your binding skills :wink:

Yea… Reality check-- When the yoyo is in your hands… It’s not spinning, so if you slow it down… It wont matter :o :o :o And i never had this problem. Always twister tight.


Well, all my other yo-yos are not tug responsive but the bind returns are awesome on my others, just my Legacy that is not coming up well.

When I got my legacy it had a mind of its own. It was tug responsive and a little upsetting. After about two weeks of yoyoing about 3-5 hours a day I thought I broke it in. I was doing whips and lacerations. Then I try a whip and it fires back into my hand. Man that hurt.

       I cleaned the bearing the other night and now is sooo unresponsive. I spins for quite a while now. The only problem is it takes crazy binds to get it back to my hand. I've got to wrap the bind around 2-3 times and then throw it up in the air and if im lucky it'll bind. 

        The dragon is starting to rub off the cap and that sucks. My only other complaint is theres not alot of room to do a thumb grind. Its possible but realy tough.

      Looks:10/10 (I thought it looked awesome.. Just wish the design wasn't rubbing off)
      Response: 6/10 (Just to hard to bind.)
      Weight:7/10 (It has a nice heavy weight to it for a plasic yoyo)
      Spin Time: 8/10 (Good long spin times.. I think my DM spins longer though)