legacy yoyo

the legacy yoyo isnt such a good yoyo because it doesnt bind well and the sleeper is not so long for a yoyo with metal rim under the plastic but for some reason i like it alot and always play with it

I’m not going to vote because there aren’t really good and bad yoyos, generally speaking, but they are all different.

I hate to bring you down on this, but if the Legacy doesn’t give you good binds and sleepers, there’s either something wrong with yours or you need to practice your bind and throw. My guess is the second one. There might be lube or something else in your bearing slowing it down and your response system might be worn, but I guess that it’s not any of those. Just keep on practicing and your throw will get straighter and stronger, so will your binds.

It’d be a great review if I had no idea what the Legacy was. Repeat the above post

True That.
My Legacy is great.
Does this really count as a review? Maybe it should be moved over to the general section.

i agree with all this plus i have 2 legacy’s and they are both great