Which yoyo should I get?


I have a Journey and I’m sort of in need of a “better” yo yo.
I can’t decide between the Dark Magic, Legacy, Xconvict, Hitman, New Breed, Speedmaker (which people seem to like but I’ve never seen one) and Speeder-----Or any other yoyo that would fit my needs…

Here are my preferences:

  1. I don’t have a size preference, but not gigantic.
  2. I like the Journey’s shape—Butterfly???
  3. I can bind, I don’t care about the response type.
  4. I do not like to mod or maintain it.
  5. I don’t have a weight preference.
  6. Color doesn’t matter, I like cool looking yo yo’s.
  7. I like all tricks.
  8. Under $55
  9. I am Intermediate.

This is my first post!!! Thanks for the help!


Legacy if you can bind.


I can bind but I’m not a master at it. Still the Legacy? I’d also like a long sleep time. Thanks!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

The sleep time depends on your throw.
The legacy should be good for you.


If you are unsure, Dark Magic should be cool. But I prefer Legacy, its better for advanced play in my opinion.


Legacy, the legacy is an awesome yoyo. ;D

(Mikey) #7

the votes are in. Drum roll please. THE LEGACY! YOU WIN!


A Legacy would be a great choice!

However, I would recommend a Hitman. It’s shape is closer to that of a Journey, and It will help you ease into binding (because the Legacy is completely unresponsive).


I would have to say New Breed. Far better than any other yoyojam IMO. Well, It is only a little better than the dark magic and the legacy.


Legacy seems like the first choice… What would be the second best?

(SR) #11

Dark Magic. But I would definatlely go with the Legacy.

(Jesse) #12

The New Breed is pretty big, but I tried one and it actually feels pretty good even though I like smaller yo-yos.

EDIT: I like small to medium yo-yos usually.