What do I Buy!!!!

What Yoyo is the best? Which one should i buy out these yoyo’s?

Dark Magic,New Breed, Speed Maker, Hitman, X-CoNVicT, Legacy,The Atmosphere, or The Protostar?

Im thinking dark magic agree?

They are all great yoyos, but the Dark Magic, Speed Maker, Hitman, and X-ConVict are the most beginner-friendly out of those. However, for your first yoyo, the Kickside and Velocity are among the best.

They are all great yo-yos, I say that we don’t know because we don’t know your prefrences. and they are basically all the yoyojams so it is hard to pick.

write some preferences down( don’t make a new reply modify the post) what kind of shape you prefer, how heavy you want it, ect. then we will be happy to help you ;D

me and my freind have all of those i recomend either atmosphere or new breed
the difference between them is just one is bigger than the other (new breed)
they use silicone and super smooth and sleep longer than alot of metal yoyos
i my self am am a metal yoyoer but if i ever wanna use my yyjs or plastics it would be them

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Those aren’t very good reasons.

Also, Dark- Magix Xii how new are you to yoyoing?

Im not too new but fairly new to yoyoing like the best trick i can do is braintwister but fairly becuase i have a yomega x-brain. But i have just ordered my first ball bearing and unresponsive yoyo. The YoYoJam Legacy. So i have been yoyoing for about maybe 4 weeks now 5 weeks starting monday…

I recommend the x convict it is so good.

remember thought, with the legacy you need to learn to bind, so when it doesn’t come up, dont think it is broken. instead, check out the “binding” and “unresponsive” sections of this websight under learn.

So are the rest of these yoyos, including the one he ordered. Please do not make unnecessary posts saying what you recommend without any reasoning. Thanks. :wink:

Now why would they make a yoyo that isn’t good??? Almost all yoyos are good- for certain people.

Anyways, on topic. You say you’re ordering a Legacy? Just get it, and see how it plays. You should be able to use it for a while. And it can help you develop preferences- what do you wish can be changed about it?

well actually i got my legacy on saturday and i love it! Its the best plastic yoyo ive ever bought especially for the 23$

for the price, you can’t beat a legacy IMO.
as far as the others, I started out with a DM, and I never looked back. The DM is incredibly stable and smooth. Plus it’s cool to use the exact one as Andre is using in his tutorials.