YYJ Legacy vs YYJ Speeder

Which yoyo should i get? YYJ Legacy Or YYJ Speeder?

If you know how to bind, legacy. If you dont, still get the legacy and learn to bind cause youll have to learn eventually.

I recommand the legacy because in my opinion the speeder sucks.

you should definitely get the speeder my friend has it and its better than his eneme

First of all, the Speeder is awesome.

Second of all, if you’re asking this and you have a Dark Magic (I’m assuming you do, considering your “Favorite Yoyo” space) then just keep the DM and save your money. If you REALLY want to get either of these, I’d pick the legacy because it’s cheaper, and get some string and counterweights.

Since you already have a Dark magic… i would consider the legacy because they dark magic and speeder are pretty similar.

ok the legacy is supposed to be a plastic copy of the DM

yup it also has metal weights under the caps

I think they are both really good yoyos although speeder spins a bit longer than legacy but still good. I think speeder is slightly better performance but with the prices, legacy is better, hope I helped

Well First of all this should be in the looking for help section. ( It’s under yoyo reviews) And instead of asking 2 or more yoyo’s and ask witch ones better. Write down your preferences. What kind of shape you like ( sharp? round? flat?) and how heavy you want it to be, what size do you prefer, Little big or small? It might be annoying to type all of these but it makes out choice so much easier. And instead of making a new reply, Modify your post. Once your done, we will be happy to help you choose your yoyo. ;D

Um… NO, they are not. Haha. They are as similar as the 888 and Superstar.

I’m gonna go ahead and throw my opinion out there. The speeder is a good yoyo BUT the LEGACY is the best plastic yoyo made in a loooong time.

i have both and want more legacy’s. To me it may be the best YYJ made and its cheap. I’d put my legacy against an 888 any day.

speeder also has a hybrid response which i think is dook.