Yoyojam Legacy?

I am about to order a yyj legacy and i am still wondering about its play. The only reasons i am getting this yoyo is because, i herd it played unrespponsive, i need a cheap back up player, and i want it manily for 5a. Any comments about this yoyos play would be greatly apprechatted.


I have a legacy it is amazing I love this yoyo

It’s unresponsive, has long sleep times and is great for counterweight definatelty get this yoyo

How long average ?

It’s an amazing yoyo!

Its my main throw as of now!.. It sleeps about 3 min. if it just came out of the box…
average of 1-2 min. if it is over time

It feels great!.. And the caps are shining when you make a video using it!
Flashy! Amazing! Cheap!.. You’ll never regret this…

I have no doubts with my Legacy…

Especially now!.. Yoyojam released thier new Stainless Speed Ball Bearing!.. And it’s in the Legacy yoyos today!

Cool yoyo!.. Buy it!

I do not like it stock,

I use it for 5a aswell,

I remove caps to reduce weight, give it a slight satin and silicone it, put in a broken in 10 ball and it owns. Its the timex of plastics, ive beat the crap out of it, still plays decent

here is my review:

Its an amazing yoyo, one of the best plastics out there. Samad used it as his back-up yoyo a long time ago, and it was one of my main yoyos for about a month. Worth the $20 without a doubt.

i have it and its great. very unresponsive and feels good. its definitely worth the price. i havent used it for 5a though

Would there be any point in getting one if you already have a siliconed Lyn? (w/centertrac bearing) It looks like the Legacy is only 2 mm bigger in diameter and 2 grams more in weight. I love the look of it and love celcon plastic but I’m guessing it will play just like my Lyn and would be like having another Lyn. The shape looks a little sharper on the Legacy.