Whimsy Roar reveiw!

On behalf of GregP saying i should post this after he asked me for a review of a whimsy roar and i gave him one.
specs (from YYE website)

Diameter: 55.45 mm / 2.18 inches
Width: 41.65 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width: 4.80 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.2 grams - keep in mind lighter than a shutter
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size

My opinions of the yoyo
the roar is one of the best budget metals that you could ever get. The thing is dead smooth.(usually when you buy a $50 Yoyo most have some kind of vibe this one doesn’t have anything at all!) The Yoyo is on the solid side, so if your not used to that it may not be for you.(it’s more solid than a shutter by how it feels because most of the weight is on the rims) The bearing comes desheilded and dry so, you want to lube a little before you play it if you don’t like a noisy bearing. The Yoyo is also really stable so it can handle everything. Also the shape is really comfy in your hand if I were to describe it it’s like a mix of a V, organic, and a H all in one Yoyo so it has something for everyone when you use it. The Yoyo is also full sized so you can’t really go wrong there. The ano is really nice on especially with how the blue color looks(which I bought). To describe the ano it’s like a sand blast and hard coat at the same time it gives it a nice texture in your hands and makes grinds very easy without having the blasted feeling that some yoyos have. Thumb grinds are a little tricky with the cup, but you can do them. Finger spin wise I haven’t tried them because I like the laser engraving too much. ;D Palm grinds however, aren’t a problem with the shape. the yoyo handles grinds like nobody’s business. However over all if I were to recommend it to someone it would be an advanced player, it’s not a beginners yoyo. long story short for $50 its practically a must have for anyone who likes a solid yoyo. I absolutely love this yoyo and you can’t go wrong with it.

packaging wise
alright i couldn’t just give a review without mentioning the packing of this yoyo! Long story short i love! the face is hilarious and its very unique which i love! around the yoyo its a little tight so it may take a little pulling to get out but, none the less amazing!

And here’s a video of me going at it with the Yoyo. (will post a better video when there isn’t snow on the ground. )



Finger spin wise I haven’t tried them because I like the laser engraving too much.

Nice review !
Thanks Abby !
Show us some tricks !

will do used it for my VA
State preliminary round freestyle so that won’t be a problem :wink:

Great review and vid. Definitely looks capable. Another throw that goes into the I want to buy shopping basket. Wish there were more color variations though.

me to if they get a purple one i think i would be even more all over it.

Nice review. I couldn’t agree more. Top notch throw👍

Definitely going to have to grab one now

Awesome review!

Seems too narrow

its is a little bit, but for me its perfect because, i have small hands and i tend not to like too wide of a throw. (to give you an idea i find my 2014 benchmark V a little on the wide side for me)