Yoyofficer Fit. The Fit Is Go.


First of all, I would just like to say this is my first review. When deciding do purchase this yoyo I couldn’t find any reviews at all, so hopefully this will help someone decide. Constructive criticism is invited and encouraged.

Diameter: 49.90mm

Width: 4.65mm

Gap: 4.15mm

Weight: 67.2

Response/Bearing: 19mm pad response/Size C bearing (comes with a flat and grooved bearing)


The Color:
I decided on the Green Acid Wash and I must say it is a really cool looking wash. It has a little bit of blue to green to a light green that is almost white. I was really impressed with how this looked, seeing as it’s only 35$ here on yoyoexpert.com!

The Size:
I have a couple full-sized throws and a couple mid-sized throws, but this is my first undersized yoyo. I was shocked at how small the diameter looked to me. I have average sized hands and it still seems to fit great. The shape is unique to me, and I actually enjoy it quite a bit.

The First Throw:
I was actually quite impressed with how smooth it is. It seems to have a very slight vibe, but nothing unreasonable, especially for the price. It could also be that my throw needs a little work, as it does seem to be pretty unforgiving on a bad throw.

This throw definitely isn’t a speed demon, but i’m more of a relaxed player to begin with so that doesn’t bother me. You can definitely feel the 67.2g on the end of the string, and at that weight it is also my heaviest metal throw by about .5 grams.

The spin time isn’t super long. This is subjective of course, but I think the majority of players will find it tends to spin for a less amount of time than their mid to full sized throws. The weight doesn’t seem to be pushed out towards the rims as much as I expected, because it is also quite easy to get off axis. It’s interesting to have a throw that can be manipulated like that, but at the same time isn’t super fast. The Fit definitely has its own personality.

Short section for grinds, I don’t do them often so this isn’t a huge part to me. The finish isn’t blasted so it’s not going to grind as well as a blasted yoyo.

Upon binding (more on this when I talk about the response) the shape can be quite uncomfortable to catch. Upon return I find that it is very similar to my C3 Level 6, and can definitely sting the palm a bit. Not a big deal to me, but worth throwing into the review IMHO.

One thing I must bring up is the response. The stock response is absolutely terrible. The pads that came stock stick out quite plainly from the response groove, and has caught me off guard by binding unexpectedly due to this issue. At the end of the day I will end up siliconing it myself and it will not be a big deal, but I thought it would be something to bring up as this is a yoyo in a price range that is attractive to beginners who may or may not have siliconing experience/extra pads to replace the stock response. I would highly advise picking up an extra set of pads in case your pads protrude from the response grooves as mine do.

The stock flat bearing is just fine, so I plan to keep it in there. It is definitely not as smooth as a one drop 10 ball (but what is?), however it is smoother than the Centertrac that came in my Northstar. As stated earlier, it also comes with a grooved bearing. I’m not sure on the brand, so I will just stick with “grooved”. I have not had a chance to try this bearing out yet but honestly i’m pretty excited it came with a spare. It’s always a nice touch, especially with a metal yoyo that only costs 35$.

Great Looking
Unique Shape
Extra Bearing

Stock Response
More Center-Weighted
Spin Times

All in all, I do not regret this purchase especially since I was going in blind without a review to go off of. I think it’s a great value, especially with the extra bearing. Overall i’m impressed with the throw. It was great to add an undersized yoyo to my collection, and for such a great price. If you are looking for a yoyo strictly for performance, I would honestly look elsewhere. (And probably not undersized, but that’s just my opinion).

Budget throws for performance:
OneDrop Benchmark Series (Metal w/Side effects)
C3 Level 6 (Metal)

I have heard great things about the shutter and other budget price range yoyos but I will not promote a yoyo that I have not tried myself, so please refer to other reviews. I did not include plastics in the budget price range. As far as those go, I have tried the Rally, Northstar, and Protostar. I would recommend any of those, all three are great plastic yoyos.

Finally, Thanks to yoyoexpert.com for this awesome forum and shop. I learned how to yoyo from the videos on this site and have bought all of my yoyos through the shop here.


Great job for your first review. I’d have never known you’d never done one before.