YYF Pocket Change Review

Hello folks and thanks for reading this brief review.

Diameter: 57.60 mm / 2.27 inches
Width: 38.57 mm / 1.52 inches
Gap Width: 3.28 mm
Response System: Small CBC pads
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: Small Center Trac Bearing - Size A

This was my first unresponsive yoyo purchase after having had experience with a YYJ Xconvict which comes tug responsive. I was attracted to the Pocket Change for the probable reason that anyone else would be, in that it’s cheap and unresponsive. The logic here was to try out unresponsive play first before spending large amounts of money on other unresponsive yoyo’s further down the road.

The feel of this yoyo is very comfortable. I has a nice soft butterfly shape that makes soft returns.
The bearing is a size A center trac. The bearing size was an immediate turn off for me as I was used to a C bearing from the X Convict. But since it was under $14 bucks it was tolerable somewhat. What I simply can’t stand however is the INCREDIBLE NOISE this yoyo puts out. I mean wow. Sounds like a baby’s rattle. So so annoying. Performance for a first time binder is acceptable as it is a relatively good yoyo to learn bind returns with.

The float of this yoyo is pretty good, and has ok play for how it’s built however it does have a small gap width so it isn’t so great at handling too many wrap style tricks. Grinds are not so great either.

Where I think this thing fails Miserably, Utterly, Apocalyptically, Completely and to NO END is in the body. I mean you see how totally rattly and frail this yoyo is. There is practically no integrity. If you hit it during play, it will come apart and it’s parts will fly all over the place. I know we all have accidents from time to time, but if you hit this against anything; a counter, chair, table, you will be picking up the halves and caps from the floor. Man was I BENT. But then I thought, well what could I expect for $13.95!! The INFAMOUS “You get what you pay for principle” in full effect here with this YYF model even though there are other throws that are better at this price.

Unsatisfied, and looking back at it, I would say that I would and should have bought something else instead, like the Lyn Fury or Kick Side or whatever. Furthermore if you are attracted to this for the same reasons, you are sincerely better off getting something with real integrity at this price range. Something like the YYJ line of yoyos for example. I feel YYJ OWNS the $15 to $20 market. There you’d be getting something that plays better in my opinion that WON’T fall apart on you, far LESS NOISY and you’d have something with street cred looks because the colors on this are totally Pre-school.

I certainly don’t want to offend any Pocket Change Owners/ Lovers out there, however my feeling is….
What in the _______ was YYF thinking when they made this?? They want us to spend our pocket change on this?? I’d rather go to Burger King with this money, or see a bad chic flick on a bad date than keep this in the house (which I don’t have anymore by the way). Again, your money is better spent elsewhere.


i can see an 888x in the pic there.

thats a 100$ UN-responsive yoyo!

what do you mean by “SERIOUS money”?

just wondering.

otherwise… good review! quite indepth.


You’re right dude, I had to modify the review a bit. So thanks for keeping me on my toes! The Pocket change was my first Unresponsive yoyo, so all the others in the pics, came afterwards in the months that followed. And by serious money I mean spending $100 bucks several times just for these toys.

Thx for the comments!

Mine came responsive and has stayed responsive. I find that begginers learning to throw will apreciate this more. Colours are horrible, I agree. But mine doesn’t fall apart every time I hit it. Good review though even if I don’t agree with all of it, most of it I agree with.

Really?? That’s weird that yours came responsive. Well that just furthers my point in how badly put together it is. As I said before, there are better beginner throws at this price point. Thanks for the comments…