I got my pocket change a few days ago from YoYoloco.com its a good site but getting back to the yo yo. It is full size so dont let the picture fool you it almost exactly the same size, height, and width of the Metal Zero 2. It spins for about 30 right out of the box I still havn’t broken it in so I will post when that happens anyways it is unresponsive but it will return will the slightest bind Umm it has interchangable parts with the YYF offstring and the cap that says Pocket change on it unscrews to change parts. Lets talk play it plays well I have not had any wobble at all but it louder than a Plastic Grind machine wich isn’t good. It is good for basic tricks like the matrix or split the atom,atomic bomb etc. I say if you are just starting yo yoing and you are looking for an unresponsive yoyo I suggest this I suggest this to anybody because for the price it sings ont the string.

Please dont link to other sites when you could get the same YoYo here, and putting everything in red just annoyed me. Also Dont compare to a yoyo like the metal zero if alot of people dont have one so have no idea what the specs are for MZero

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Thanks for the info my friend was going to buy a pocket change because he is barely starting. So hopefully this review will let him make up his mind

Drop the red writing. Also drop the title. I almost didn’t read this post due to the title. Other than that the review is a tad bit on the short side. Try including a bit more details. Also add pictures if you want to. Most importantly, keep on making reviews.

Addment: Take a look at this

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Ok here are some stats I did not add in my review
Shape: Concave
Material: Plastic
Diameter: 58mm
Thickness: 39mm
Weight: 66gm
Play style: String Trick, Off String
Axle or Bearing type: Bearing A
Special Features: Take Apart
Friction Sticker: 2
Hope this helps