10-15 dollar

I need a good unresponsive pocket yo-yo for around 10-15 dollars. any suggestions? i dont mind minimal response i know most 10-15$ yoyos are responsive

Yoyofactory Pocket Change.

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Zombie pocket pro, will have to mod it.

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i just bought a cosmic spin which is 15 dollars. You can get it at http://shopned.com

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is the pocket change unresponsive out of the box?

I would say pocket change or maybe even a FHZ or Die Nasty for a little extra.

Pocket change is unresponsive but u have to break the bearing in.

Its a great yoyo for u

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Totally go for a Bolt. They’re amazing ihmo and will be able to do any trick you throw at it. The $15 version may need a bearing clean and a response swap for unresponsive play (there is a blue $25 version that comes unresponsive, but if you’re willing to do a little work, you can save $10; DocPop is just being cool and doing the work for you on the blue version).

Kicksides, Journeys, and Lyn Furys are also all great ideas and can handle whatever you decide to throw at them. But, same process for unresponsiveness as a Bolt.

I have owned a Pocket Change. It is completely unresponsive out of the box yet easy to bind with the tiny gap. But, know this about it, the gap is very tiny. It is snaggy if you decide to play sloppily or put too many layers of string in there. Mine broke because I accidentally slammed it into the ground. I you decide to get a Pocket Change, just be careful not to hit it around.

2010 FH2 with dif pads and a clean bearing all the wayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Yes, it has silicone pads. Also it has the center trac bearing which also makes it unresponsive.

The FH2, Kickside, or the fifteen dollar YYJ models are great choices. If you are looking for unresponsive play out of the box, the FH2 would be the best choice.

Kickside or Freehand 2010 are beautiful choices.

kickside or fh2.2

Journey is nice.

That said, NONE of these need the response swapped to be unresponsive. It’s all in how you prepare the bearing.

The lyn fury is a great yoyo all you need Is yoyojam silicone pads to make it unresponsive

Its responsive if you shave the o-ring or loosen the gap.
And you can use normal silicone from a store. Google how to silicone your yoyo.

If the Replay ever releases, that would be an excellent choice, and if not, or you prefer, the Pocket Change.