yyf pocket change

birthdays comin up and i might ask for it.
its supposedly unresponsive and pretty good for an all plastic.
im rockin a henrys lizard right now so would it be a step up?
i know how t bind and need an unresponsive
Yeah and i’m like an advanced so would it be good 4 me.
any thoughts on it? anything will be appreciated.
especially reviews ;D
thank you to anybody who posts :smiley:

It’s a good yoyo. Any yoyo can be made unresponsive. The Pocket Change tends to come slightly responsive but can be broken in. You don’t need an unresponsive yoyo for anything.

I’m just learning whips and stuff so i defintly do need an unreponsive

It isn’t unresponsive out of the box I have one and I would recommend a die nasty over it every time

isn’t the die nasty freehand?

Any 1A throw can be used for 5A. Personally, I like the Die-Nasty for 1A over 5A

ok didn’t know that lmao