pocket change?

i just ordered a pocket change but there arent many reviews on it.can some one give me a link to a review,make a reviews,or make a video.if you can that would be fantastic.thx.

Hey Yo bear.
THis won’t give you too much information about it but i have had an fast offstring,
Which is similar to the pocket change. I don’t think many people have reviewed it
becuase its more of s cheap plastic. This might give you some info because they are similar.SO back to the yoyo.
-GOOD for offstring,because of its wide ness and its hard rubber/plastic rims.
-It plays 1a not to good. that depends, for me, i hate it. YOu can get like 3 boingys in the but thats all.
-Its big shape makes it excellent for offstring whips, but obiously the one YOU ordered comes with the plastic rims. SO i’ll try whipping on one of those, and respond later.
-SOMETIMES when i do whips it jams up on me.
-It jams up when binding A LOT!
Hope this may help a little.
I only responded cause i knew it was close to the pocket change.

Wait- Were you getting it to do 1a or offstring?
Please reply


This should help… Alright so you bought a Pocket Change here are some things you should know. One the pocket change will come up sometimes with a pull not a bind. So that means ou should use cotton string like the one it comes with. Another thing It will come back in the middle of tricks like every time I try a trick like the krakken or Buddhas revenge it comes back and nocks my nuckles. Here are some positives It has a beautiful Konkave in it so it has very nice spin times i think i got like 35 sec. out of the box which is god for a 13 dollar yoyo , Another thing it is pretty wide and pretty big so you almost never miss the string making this Ideal for string tricks. Uhh the changeable parts are freggin annoying cause when you want to unscrew it and the sides are’nt tight enough (if you dont know what im sayin now you will when you get it) so it wont open so if you aren’t changing the parts with the compatible YYF Offstring then dont unscrew the caps on the side I give this yoyo a
7 1/2 out of ten only because of how rtesponsive it is when your buying an unresponsive yoyo

to born2yoyo.i’m geting it for 1a.

Oh then sorry. I have no information on that. Sorry for wasting ur time.


then can you give me info about offstring?

I have never played w/ one.
I just answered before cause I had an F.A.S.T. Offstring,
Which plays similar to the pocket change.


alright.well thanks for your help.yo-bear out.