The Pocket change is freakin' PRO.

Just got my pocket change in the mail… No one checks the mail in this house apparently…

It plays SO sexy…

I think the string it comes with is poly. Lime green. Smooth, tight binds. And it screams a bit… Kind of like a yomega auto-return… I’m so appeased right now…

Thoughts on yours if you have one!?

um if this was sort of a small review why not in the review section and awesome i was gonna get one but i got a die nasty

He was stating that its good, and he ejoyed playing it. I don’t think it was meant to be a review.

GM is right. Not a review. I ordered it from here… Could never be more pleased. Got to get my accessories and such soon, so I can maintain these yoyos. May get another pocket change just to have an untouched one… Woot. Another yoyo to cross off my list regardless. And I notice that the yoyo tends to spin out, or kinda tilt sideways… Would a shim set help with that, since I assume the string isn’t staying centered, or is that not what they’re for?

oh i didnt know and by the way i dont think shims will work

I suppose you mean KK bearing?

Shims make the gap wider.

Oops, yeah. My mind is so off right now.

And If not, just work on your throw, a KK might help but a good throw is esential to yo-yoing!

if “FUX” means what I am worried it means, then you need to change the topic or explain to me what it stands for.

That’s what I was thinking when I saw the title. It’s definitely close to something.

Even the cleanest urban use is still innapropriate for this forum. Please edit.

The point of a pun is to sound like something it isn’t. Word-play, but changed it anyway so I won’t be policed again… -.- Though kiddies shouldn’t be visiting sites without their parents permission anyway.

I hope you don’t honestly believe in that statement… I know I’m not a moderator so I’ll leave the rest to Chris and Andre but this forum has all ages, and it’s a great idea to keep it clean.


If you had a son or daughter and they got on a website and learned some inappropriate word, took it to school, and got in major trouble for it, how would you feel?

Oh, I believe you about this forum being for all ages, but children are only subjected to what their parents expose them to, and each should have permission prior to visiting sites of any caliber.

And that’s my point exactly. Parents should intently care about the places their children go. Not to argue with you guys, because I see your point, but it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to babysit your kids unless paid to. But I’ll leave it at that. Back on topic, please. Feel free to send inquiries to my PM as if to not disfigure my thread.

Just one more…
If you believe parents should always censor everything, then why add to it?

Glad you like the Pocket Change.

I’d hardly think a non-existent pun would be adding to it. Looking in an urban dictionary would be actively finding a reason to make that one word seem like a problem. And everything can’t be censored, but the things going on beneath a parent’s own roof should be looked over.

And yeah, I love the Change. Really good yoyo for its price. And the weight distribution feels better than alot of yoyos. You don’t feel it’s heavy, though its apparent that it has weight, ya know? I recommend it to anyone’s first binding yoyo. So that even if they don’t care for biding as opposed to tug response yoyos, that it isn’t much of a financial setback.

The reason I didn’t out and out edit it for you, and follow it up with a Warning is because I am 30, not 13, and don’t know all the cool hip lingo you tight pant wearing youn’ens use.
That being said, Consider this a Warning. Cursing, or Circumventing the Curse Filter is a #1 Warning #2 Bannable offense.
Consider this Warning #1.

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There was no intent for hip lingo, seeing as those years are behind me, but alright. Suppose I’ll just stick to reading topics/posts so I won’t have to worry about a pun going into a full discussion; irrelevant to my topic. In either case, as if not to go against the site in rebellion, I’ll disregard that rather mocking and offensive post that could have been PMed to me instead.

Edit: On that note, feel free to close/delete this thread. I’m sure someone else will post about the Pocket Change’s awesomeness eventually, haha.