Don't you hate it when

-people unscrew their yoyos.
-people play with bad string tension without realizing it.
-your bearing is too loud.



I never really got this one. If you play with your yo-yo, there will come a knot you’ve got to take your yo-yo apart to get at. A good yo-yo can be unscrewed with no issue.

Continuing the thread:

When a response pad pops out in public

When your yo-yo hits your knuckle


When good yoyos are worth less than garbage in the bst because they’re not organic or by MonkeyfingeR :joy:

(But it’s worth noting that the things I love about the community outnumber the things I don’t love :smiling_face:)


When I accidentally cut a string I really, really like too short.


I dont really understand the whole unscrewing problem. If it causes your yoyo to vibe a little bit then just tune it up. However I do despise loud bearings.


I use tweezers for inner knots. I’ll die before I open one of my yo-yos. I can’t remember the yo-yo, but I unscrewed one about 9 years ago and couldn’t get it to tune back the way it was. I think it was a code 2 Nautilus. I haven’t unscrewed since which is why I am always confused when people talk about stripped yo-yos


Man I get inner knots all the time that pretty much impossible to get out with tweezers or anything else.


Who’s to say there won’t be less vibe by taking it apart and screwing it back together. Do you think the manufacturer has a special way of putting them together the first time?


I hate it when - one realizes that a majority of the time in this hobby, money means nothing to people and only trades can get you what you want LOL


not really


When you do a great combo and them someone asks you if you can “walk the dog”


I have a plastic needle I use that gets those out sometimes they are pretty hard to get out but I dislike unscrewing my YoYos so I take the extra time


Ehhh, NO.

They’re made to be unscrewed. If they were not they’d be put together with loctite red.


Yeah, I mean I’ll generally pick out the knots if I can with a toothpick or something. Especially if my yoyos goes like squeeEEeakk when I screw it back together. Just a little nerve wracking that I’m cross threading or something.

But I think it’s a bit over the top to NEVER unscrew a yo-yo.

How would one lubricate it? Or change its pads?


I pretty much always use a plastic sewing needle to get knots out and have not encountered one that absolutely needed the yoyo to be taken apart. That being said, I hate the idea of not being able to unscrew a yoyo. Part of the reason I love One Drop is that even if they aren’t always ‘glass smooth’ from the factory (at least in my experience), I can unscrew them/swap out the bearings with relative confidence that no vibe will be introduced. If being super smooth means a super tight bearing seat and introducing varying degrees of vibe as soon as you take the thing apart, I’d rather just have a little nail vibe to begin with.


Of course I will unscrew it when I have to. Dirty bearing, response pads, etc. But only if I have to


I hate it when a weight of a counterweight isn’t in the product description. Why not just share the info?

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But Chris…… when you cut a string too short. It’s only short on one end…



Don’t I hate it when> I hear people ‘fear’ unscrewing their yo-yos.

I would not have or keep any yo-yo I might be afraid to ‘unscrew’.

Don’t I hate it when> I see a yo-yo for sale on the BST and the seller says, ‘Never unscrewed’.

Don’t I hate it when… years ago, a major yoyo maker stated, ‘We will only accept returns if the yo-yo was not unscrewed’.

Don’t I hate it when people on the BST state that the yo-yo they are selling was never thrown and only taken out of the box to take photos. Then say the yo-yo has no vibe and plays very well🤔.

Don’t I hate it when after All the threads on the subject about how using PayPal friends and family should not even be suggested because it offers the buyer no security. And how the seller should just calculate the PayPal fees into his asking price and post the total as his asking price. People are still asking potential buyers to use friends and family or pay the fees.

Don’t I hate it when people seem to have no problem posting trick videos in a room that looks like a garbage grenade went off in the background.

Don’t I hate it when somebody posts a for sale BST and puts their best yoyo first. And sells that ‘much wanted yoyo’ almost immediately. Yet, doesn’t edit their subject box to reflect that. And effectively turns their BST into ‘click bait status’ by attracting people to click on their post, only to find the lead yoyo was already sold.

…… infinity…


Hahaha doc


Hate it when I love the yoyo but hate the finish.