Yoyo Pet-Peeves


What are yours? Here’s mine:

“I know we had a deal… but I found a better one, sorry…”


“Dude, you’re performance was so lame”

(Former National 4A Champion) #3

When people do loop regens in 1a.


Do a bind - friend thinks it’s an awesome trick. >:0


why do you have a problem with this?


When your friend gets a knot in the mint E=MC^2 you lent him, and he unscrews it


When people say “Abby do that cha Ching move!” and they mean Eli hops XD




Wait, are you said friend?


Because it’s hard and takes forever to tune, but is SO worth it when it’s smooth.


Brand A > Brand B


“Oh yeah, I only throw CLYW. Anything else isn’t good enough for me.”

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #13

Solutions to most all your peeves: Don’t share your yo-yoing with others and stay out of the bst. Your problems have been solved! ;D Don’t be victims, take control.

Oh never mind me. Negative energy is so contagious, enjoy. :-\


You’re right. Complaining festers quickly. This is a good community, I’m sure if we started a thread about why we love yoyos, there’d be plenty of positive responses.

(major_seventh) #15

“Do the Shooter!”


It is pretty annoying when people hate on every company except clyw just because they do limited releases. Somehow people think that makes their yoyos better than all other companies in terms of playability. Sure, some lc them play great, but other yoyos definitely.match if not beat clyw throws.

(Former National 4A Champion) #17

Because it isn’t proper. 1a yoyos are not at all good for them.

(Amplified) #18

People love to hate. As odd as that sounds it’s true for some.

(Owen) #19

People referring to yo-yos as “tosses” and “throws” or when they refer to yo-yoing as “tossing” or “throwing”.

It’s called yo-yoing people.


Definitely on the internet this is true. Sometimes I think it’s just people putting up a front to make themselves feel edgy and cool by hating on something.