Yo-Yo Pet Peeves

A yoyo pet peeve I have is when a yoyoer is being interviewed or asked questions and he/she yoyos while answering and listening to the questions.

What are yours?

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Nobody post in this thread.


When your using a summit in public and someone asks you to walk the dog. Or is it a Duncan? And then tell you that you’re a worthless moron for telling them it costs 140 and why you can’t walk the dog and why there are more yoyos than a Duncan butterfly. Happens way to often.

I also hate it when some kid or the parent yells at you to let there kid or them to give them your 140 dollar yoyo to try out. People have become so rude and inconsiderate lately. Anyway, those are my pet peeves. It actually causes me to turn red and cringe when this happens. Nonetheless, I continue to yoyo and get better while they waste away as rude and inconsiderate people.


  1. When kids use long string and it just looks sloppy and awkward… Kids, yoyoing with 8ft long string does not make you cool like Zach Gormley.

  2. Kids obsessing over Jensen… He’s a great yoyoer and all, but leave the guy alone. He’s just a man. I don’t see anyone annoying Yuuki all the time, lol.


When you buy a yo-yo off the BST, and receive it to find that it has teflon tape residue on the axle. It appears someone removed the tape before sending it, but no one ever mentioned that the yo-yo was known to have some serious vibe.

Yup. That’s a pet peeve.

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Guys you don’t listen too well.


we thought you joking

I never joke.

Da da daaaaa


Man peepoles that get all crazy butthurt over the word peepoles in the off topic section :(|)

Also grumpy kids that think your yoyo needs to be in their hands and they can play it better then you, but have never touch a yoyo let alone a non ( broken in their words ) responsive yoyo.

Hate that

Dat little tail after making a slipknot.

Unboxing videos…

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I don’t really see a point to them, but there entertaining.

I liked studio42’s story of the kid with the MVP(2)

Short for they are lol

Sorry pet peeve.

Also noobs reviewing high-end throws ahah



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