Yoyo pet peeves


Have any of you ever done a trick, and then someone comes up to you and just says, “pshh easy. I could do that.”


It doesn’t bother me lol mine is when they come up and your working on a trick and smack the strings,grab the yoyo,or put it in a knot.

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Oh yeah that person would have to be shot. Ok, too harsh? Just swing the yoyo in there general direction.

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Where’s that tiny violin? ::slight_smile: I can never find that thing when I need it! :smiley:

If you yoyo around others you have to be strong enough to deal with the comments, good, bad, and even annoying. I find comments usually to be very complimentary.

Just saying: it’s been my experience that it is only a big deal if you make it a big deal and that yo-yoing in public isn’t for everyone.


It’s not how someone acts as much as how you react.

If a guy came up to me and said, ‘pshh easy. I could do that trick too’.

I would just smile and say,’ Funny you mention that. Your Momma told me she can do that trick too. And sadly for you; I gave her my last cookie’.

… seriously; the less you have on your mind; seems the more you dwell on things of no consequence.

In life; Always give yourself the ‘halfway credit’. Meaning in any large room full of people; half of them are prolly smarter than you and the other half are not as smart as you.

Any Clown that walks up to you and makes an unsolicited, pointless, worthless comment; is not that bright.
And his words should fall like silent rain drops; on the ground and into the dirt.

Pet peeves are basically a simple extension of an idle mind.


Phrases like: “You’re just playing yoyo,” as though throwing is akin to twiddling your thumbs, much less important than watching television or playing video games. The phrase “Playing yoyo” itself. I don’t know if anyone else gets told that, but it has to be one of the most inartful and grating ways to describe throwing.

People who don’t respect your space at all when throwing. I don’t understand why their instinct to protect themselves doesn’t kick in. Someone is hurling a spinning hunk of metal at blinding speed, keep your face more than two inches away for your own safety.

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They don’t realize how much of their time they’re wasting telling me I’m wasting my time. Judging others is so time consuming. :slight_smile: Makes me laugh.

Again, it’s no big deal.


The most annoying one is “show off”, muttered under the breath as you quietly throw.


You’re lucky to meet another yo-yoer. I’ve had people come up to me and ask “is that a yo-yo?”

If they said it’s easy, I’d ask them to help me with tricks I don’t know.

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people ask me that all the time. or is that one of those good yoyos


I almost shot the water I was drinking out my nose when I read this. Thank you, Yoyodoc, for once again brightening my day with your wit!


The few times anyone in public has said anything at all to me about yoyoing it’s been complimentary. A couple people have even asked if they could video me with their phones. The only person who’s said anything remotely negative was my mom. I explained unresponsive yoyos to her and she said “oh, that’s cheating”.


I hate it when people call my yoyo a “mini diablo.” Or even worse, a “mini Chinese yoyo.”


Some people have a dry sense of humor. This sounds like something someone would say sarcastically, which would actually make it a complement.

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Asking if I can walk the dog.

They see me throwing all kinds of crazy moves and tricks, slacks, hops, and general insanity with the string, then they proceed to ask me, essentially, if I posses the skills to lower my hand a couple inches toward the ground. Seriously??? >:(


I understand where you are coming from, but, those who ask you to walk the dog may be searching for some common starting place to begin a conversation. Granted, it opens the door to why dragging an aluminium yoyo against the pavement is not good for the finish of the yoyo (possibly not even good for the intactness of the skin on your hands)…

I do try to always have some sort of plastic fantastic with me that I’m 100% eager to walk the dog with. Sometimes I’ll even carry along my pre-sparked/beat Ricochet…people love the sparks from walking the dog with that!


Yeah, c’mon Dust. We all know you’d never go anywhere without your cherished Duncan Butterfly! ;D

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Ive been thinking about getting one, honestly. :-X


Rule #9 -  be prepared to walk the dog on command. always. ;D

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I have only had one interaction i was un comfortable with. A stranger watched me for a second (which im cool with) then asked me if they could “try to make it come back up”. I just said no and demonstated that it doesnt come back up with a tug.