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  • André

WARNING: I’ve come from the future to deliver you a very important message! Due to the supernatural nature of this eBay yoyo, a yoop flux has created an irregularity in the space-time continuum, which both creates an erratic linkage in the General and Unrelated section, and leads to some very mysterious posts! This thread is to be taken as a warning for all of you considering a Yooper Yoyo. Being granted this mysterious power over time and space, I feel it’s my responsibility to warn all yoyo players to witness this as a spectacle of our fragile existence.

I must go now, I don’t have much time. But please, heed my warning. It’s all we can do͡ to̕ p͘rote̷c͘t t͠hę̴̴ ͜f̶̨ut̕͠ure-


Oh my how horrifying.

What is that…

It looks to me like a yoyo machined from antler or burned wood. I think it would hurt a bit as it returns to your hand. No grinds :smiley:

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

What in the world?

Clearly a prototype for the grind king 2…

Looks like a demented ice cream sandwich.

I’m willing to back $80 for it if I get a working prototype. What’s your goal?

Engrave CLYW on it and sell it for 130.


Or put “Made in Japan” on it and charge $200.

Throw a center trac bearing in it and it will be fine ;D


All it needs is doublerims, hubstacks, a ceramic bearing, and hype.

By an all ceramic concave bearing in there and it should be good to go, maybe you know sand down those rims :wink: