My 1$ yoyo

Mint Condition haha!

What’s the mod there my man?

Looks somewhat like a threaded knob. Like the kind you’d find on a metal coat rack.

yip threaded knobs

I can’t imagine a 1 dollar yoyo being good. Is it worth it?

Its better than a $5 Butterfly…


Go buy a butterfly and play fixed. ::slight_smile:

It is always unresponvie even with COTTON string…

String tension, man. Learn to Sidewinder ;).

that’s awesome, how does it play? :slight_smile:

I found the “high performance,” “ball bearing,” “aluminum body,” throw that is all the craze. Hmmm…comes in red and black.

Oh, and these loopers say “Return Top.” Got rims on them too, had to pick up one of those. 8) No one is talking about all this flashiness for a mere $1.

Oh, and no love for these light up yo-yos with batteries included? Might as well check this out too.

I’ll be back later, when I have time to open them up. I love the dollar store. I found some cheap gloves for working in the yard, and some cheap padded envelopes too. ;D

Dude it is awesome I just got some and they are amazing for $1 Everybody get them. I went in there and nobody had taken even one. Hopefully I can get the word out and get some people I know to buy one so they can at least learn some basic tricks! ;D

So does posting Dollar Tree links contradict YYE’s policy against promoting other stores?

They’re cheap and might get lots of new people to start throwing.
They’re cruddy and might inspire people to start modding their yo-yos again.

These yo-yos look pretty crappy.
Every dollar spent towards these is a dollar taken away from an actual yo-yo company that supports the community.

^ I guess we’ll let the mods decide if all the dollar store talk is appropriate. Good question though. I think as long as we don’t mention which store…we’re fine. You just mentioned the store name though…so you may want to modify your post if you think so. That store is not a yo-yo store…it just happens to be selling them this season.

Well, I have to be honest here. I finished reviewing the main one in question, and it’s the best dollar I ever spent. I tried to switch out the bearing, because I knew that might get better results, but all the bearings I tried were a tad bit too small it seemed. It’s like they were swimming in that plastic seat, and the string was getting caught in between there. So, I decided to stick with the original bearing and just lube it. When I did that, it played at least twice as good as before. It vibes like a buzz saw, light, and on the narrow side, but who cares, it’s $1. I can do a short combo on it too, which is pretty cool. And it has a little design on the rims, so it looks cool when it spins. I’d rather buy this thing than a candy bar or a bag of chips. It would be cool to show someone a few tricks on it. I’m happy with my $1 spent. No wonder this is all the craze :smiley:

Oh, if you get it, I recommend not only lubing it right away to get the best first impression, but also take a pair of pliers and tighten the plastic hub thingies, because it cuts down the vibe from atrocious to just bad. :smiley: I don’t mind vibe on a $1 throw. Money well spent. This is so cool, it will get a black string and TotalArtist photos. 8) Oh, and mine has a dent on the rim… >:( I should return it. :smiley:

I highly disagree with this. My dollar would have gone toward a candy bar, or a bag of chips. Maybe I would have given it to the guy begging for change on the corner instead :-\ I give plenty of money to yo-yo companies and yo-yo stores. I went to the dollar store today, just like the grocery store gets my money and the clothing store and a lot of others. Some people will buy a bunch and give them away and promote the sport as a whole.


It is a DOLLAR and I am sure a dollar will not impact the yoyo companies. I spent a dollar on paper, but that does not mean that it was taken from the yoyo companies. Now if they were like $20 and everybody was getting them I would understand your point, but $1 come on now. Also, in my opinion they look pretty awesome. I love the design, but some people might think different.

I agree take it back. How can they sell yoyos in conditions like that for that amount of Money!! I’m JK by the way :wink: lol

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Pretty funny. It’s worth $1 just for the humor you get talking about it. But seriously…I would pick this thing up now and then because it’s narrow and I can try to dial in a few tricks on it. The vibe gives it character. I’m no modder, but the first thing I’d do to mod this $1 throw is something cheap that might work wonders, like put weight rings in it…rubber rings or something. I can see a few places they might fit, and it would be better with more weight. :-\

A lot of the stuff found in dollar stores was bought because a company went out of business, there was a surplus, hard to sell items, damaged boxes someone would have to sift through and other things like that. I bet these were designed to sell for about $5 originally. I have seen throws play worse that cost $8. These are officially no name brand throws too. There is absolutely no name brand on the packaging whatsoever…just “Yo-Yo.” Hilarious.

I took some shots of it, and a few spinning shots. It had just enough spin time for a photo shoot. :smiley:
DollarStore by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
DollarStoreb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
DollarStorespinning2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
DollarStorespinning1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Brick and mortar store discussion is fine. :slight_smile:


I went to the dollar store and bought a few. As others have said, they play far better than a dollar. What is the first thing i should do to mod it? Can i, like, sand down the starburst or something? I put a poly string on it already.

Can i put play dough (or clay) in the cups to add weight? Just ideas. I dont really care, jut trying to have fun.