$1 aluminum yoyo with a bearing

I want to start this thread by saying that I realize a $1 yoyo is definitely not a high quality throw. I am a teacher at a school for kids with behavior problems and have a case of classroom yoyos purchased by the school that the students are allowed to use if they have any down time. They love it. Over the summer we developed a school store for which they earn fake money based on behavior and I have been looking for cheap yoyos that would hold the interest of students that play classics every day in class. The Duncan butterfly just doesn’t cut it. Haha.

Today while at the dollar store I found this gem.


Yes it is a cheap Chinese yoyo, but it is aluminum and has a bearing. It produces decent sleep times and will be great for our store. I think they are going to wear out fast, but with a store run on donations they will work for now. I bought 10 of them. Just thought these were pretty amazing for a dollar and has to share.

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Huh. Interesting.

That’s awesome, surely it might be prone to break very fast, but it is an awesome price for what you’re getting. Maybe if I see one at a dollar store I will buy it ;D

Wow thats really cheap

May I ask which dollar store?

They are from the Dollartree. These are very popular on Facebook right now. People are buying like 20 at a time.
I went to 3 Dollartree locations today and none of them had any.

What if its a c bearing… Ill buy $5 worth XD

Would love to buy a bunch and give them away, very cool.

Same here! Hope my 2 locations have them :-\

I am pretty sure it is a size c bearing. It is a little on the narrower side.


I might buy a few, polish some for practice/paint them. And use the bearings if I can clean and lube them to perfection…

Not a Size C. Some kind of metric sized bearing, has the inner diameter and width of an A bearing, but the outside diameter of a Size C.

Fair enough. I was just eyeballing it.


Some bad news for you, maddog. Chances are pretty high that most yoyos from China, that cost a buck, are probably not going to made out of any metal or alloy, that will be good for polishing.

For a dollar, it might be fun to try, but don’t expect anything amazing.

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Nope they’re metal. Just not machined.


^^^^^ words of truth

If I see these, I will buy them all just to give away to people interested in yoyos.

Say what now? Are they cast?