my first yoyo build


Thought this may be of some interest to you guys :wink:

first of all id like to say my knowledge of yoyos is very limited!

It all started a few months back when a neigbough of mine popped around asking if i could Re thread a yoyo for him. knowing i have my own machine shop a deal was done for a packet of chocolate biscuits :smiley:

Since then every weekend hes been back with fresh packet of biscuits lol

to date ive made him about 6 Titanium axles,put in about 6 friction grooves and re-threaded about 10 of his yoyos!

I never really thought much about yoyos but did a google search a few nights ago!!!

Im hooked lol.

After he came around this morning for some weighted rings,i begin telling him hed got me hooked!

I Mentioned i thought itd be cool to make a yoyo from scratch,within about 30 seconds hed ran home and came running back into my shop with a mountain of drawings!

After a quick sketch we decided on a design,nothing to fancy or complex just yet lol.

so that is how i ended up here, ill stop talking now and post some pics of what ive done this evening :slight_smile:

Any comments advice will be appricated :slight_smile:

some 7075 aluminium blanks

In the lathe ready to go

Centre drilled, drilled 4mm through then rough drilled ready to be bored out

front face cleaned up

boring inside

first step machined

Angle and bottom finished

excess material removed to finished Diameter

radiused to remove the sharpe edge

and thats as far as i got, ready to be turned around and have the other side turned down then bearing seats and friction grooves machined :slight_smile:

ill update as i do more ;D




Thanks for sharing. And glad you’re hooked!


Same! Is it done yet? I couldn’t tell from the last picture :).

I want chocolate biscuits!


Looks cool! You could probably ask Landon Balk of 3yo3 for advice or help, he’s an ace at turning yoyos on lathes.


This is just way too cool. I can only imagine how excited your neighbor was when you agreed to make a yoyo together.

Why aren’t you my neighbor! >:(


Thanks for the kind words guys ;D

like i said i have very limited knowledge of yoyos, i have already scraped the first one pictured and changed my design for more rim wieght and less wieght in the walls.

ive been a machinst for many years and i thought how hard can a yoyo be! i make parts for high end race cars or god sake!

well i eat my own words lol. The guys that turn there own yoyos have more patience than me lol.

ill put up some more pics later on tonight :slight_smile:

oh and jamesmay if you were my niegborgh theres always one of my 3 lathes standing doing nothing that id b happy for you to use ( if by any chance there is anyone close to me that offer stands to anyon ;D


a few more pics for you ;D

both sides started now

a mandrel is turned to make sure they are running true when machining the other side

one side attached ready for the other side machined :slight_smile:

bearing seat and first angle machined

looking abit more like a yoyo now

so far this side wieghts 24 gram it still needs the response groove and another angle machining so it should come down to around 22 gram a side.

It will be when finishd 50mm diamter and 44mm wide


Eeek, that’s gonna be super light…


Looks great!


This yo looks great!

Do you happen to live in california ha?

(WildCat23) #11

Do you need the dimensions for a bearing seat and response groove? I have them somewhere.


what kind of bit is that? Carbide?


wildcat the bearing seat and response groove are done but if you want to throw the sizes my way build no.2 is already being dreamed up :wink:

yoyoexpertman yes 99% of all my tooling is carbide inerts,its the only way to get near perfect repeatability these days. i do still grind tools for ‘special’ jobs though.

The trepaning tool for the response groove was ground HSS.

Time for more pics and a question, Is there any reason i can not thread the yoyo bodies but instead us a longer axle and use fancy nuts? itll save ever stripping the yoyo and the nuts will give me a few grams i think the hub needs.

the body weighs 54gram as is at the minute and im planning some small weight rings to bring the yoyo upto a playable weight :slight_smile:

I couldnt resist bolting them together for a mock up ;D


Not sure if they’ll work for this yoyo but you could look at the One Drop Side Effects. They should do what you want and have multiple weights.


Not sure what you’d have to arrange with One Drop to use Side Effects. For all I know, the design is free to use. More likely you’d have to pay licensing to make larger production runs, but I don’t know at all.

For personal use one-offs, sounds like a good way to go!

(WildCat23) #16

I’m assuming you want the specs in Metric, but I have them in both Metric and English.


I work in both so what ever you have to hand is good for me.

just had a look at the one drop set up and thats the same principle i was thinking of lol

no issues with copy right though as mine will use an independant axle with 2 caps, not that im doing a production anyway lol.

Thanks for your advice and kind words guys ;D


Was the posted to YYE on accident rather than some lunatic forum?

On topic, you should look into the one drop project axel system might serve future purpose.


On topic, you should look into the one drop project axle system might serve future purpose.
will also give the ability of not worrying about stripping the throw


wild cat, if you wouldnt mind can you please not send me those Dimentions.

I have just came home to the biggest pile of hate mail ever!

I dont know what ive done thats so wrong! but just to clarify this yoyo is being made free of charge for a young lad who has always dreamed about it!

I have not simply copied any yoyo on the market nor stole no designs! i have spent almost 16 hours reading about everything there is about yoyo construction and spent several hours taking vital input from enthusiasts! MY designs have changed nearly 15 times now from said input!

To those of you who have helped may i thankyou once again, and the few who have taken up my offer for free lathe time your still more than welcome to that :slight_smile:

I Think this build thread will end here now to save me upsetting so many people ???