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I have one!!

What is the difference between 6061 and 7075 aluminum?

I’ve had this question forever, because people say its not higher quality, but its more expensive, so…

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Why do some axle systems have “floating” axles? Assuming the halves are machined accurately, you would want the same amount of axle going into either half. Consequently, I would think that with a minute teeny bit of wiggle room, the axle should fill the entirety of the threads in either half…?

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7075 aluminum has a higher density than 6061 aluminum. It isnt necessarily higher quality, but that might be commonly belived since yoyorecreations are made with them. 7075 throws tend to play more rock like then 6061, for example a 7075 burnside is heavier and plays heavier then a normal burnside.

I also belive 7075 aluminum is harder, which means that it is harder to put a nasty deep ding in it. i can personally tell the difference, and i find that 7075 aluminum returns to the hand with a destinctive, cold hard THWACK!

Also, 7075 aluminum is harder to anodize, so you might find that the anno rubs off from 7075 throws more easily then 6061 throws.

Which plays better you ask? Its all preference.


This looks like a fun ‘let’s post hard questions’ type thread - so here’s mine. This goes out to both the OP and any manufacturers out there and is related to the first question. I understand chemically what is different between 6061 and 7075 Aluminum. In helping answer question 2, 6061 Aluminum is general purpose Aluminum. It is not particularly high grade. 7075 aluminum is as far as I can tell a ‘higher grade’ Aluminum as it has been doped with Zinc:

A combination of good strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability makes this the most widely used aluminum. It has less strength than Alloys 2024 and 7075, but better corrosion resistance and weldability. It’s heat treatable and resists cracking due to stress. Commonly used for vehicle parts and pipe fittings. Nonmagnetic. Temperature range is -320° to +300° F.

Exceptionally strong but still lightweight, this aircraft alloy has better corrosion resistance than Alloy 2024 due to the addition of zinc. Originally developed for aircraft frames, it is also used for keys, gears, and other high-stress parts. Heat treatable. Nonmagnetic. Temperature range is -320° to +212° F.

The above is shamelessly stolen from my Aluminum supplier.

OK now to the question:
Why do manufacturers choose to use 7075 over other grades of Aluminum? Because of the zinc doping, this grade is always going to be difficult to anodize I would of thought. Realistically other grades of aluminum would probably be just as strong but much easier to ano, like 2024. It’s all so confusing…

I should add that these kinds of threads are great, and I really appreciate Supbreh doing this. But I also think that different people have different expertise so answering these questions is good for everyone to attempt. As long as Supbreh doesn’t mind. If so, I’ll delete some of the above as I may be treading on his toes… Sorry in advance, I didn’t mean to be funny :frowning:

EDIT: I was asked to put up prices. I’m happy to do this on the basis that people remember this is just one supplier, and these are not typically bulk prices. With these factors in mind these are not a good enough data set to be conclusive about companies raw prices and so THESE SHOULD NOT BE USED TO DISPUTE THE PRICE OF A YOYO! They are a rough guide only.
6061 2" Diameter rod, of 1’ length (seems yoyo-ish in size) is ~$22
7075 2" Diameter rod, of 1’ length (seems yoyo-ish in size) is ~$62
2024 2" Diameter rod, of 1’ length (seems yoyo-ish in size) is ~$57, and is copper doped which should not be as difficult to ano and is still strong! There are so many grades to choose from…

Final note the same rod of titanium would be ~ $340!

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I acually have this same question myself, so this response will be purely opinionated.

Maybe its because if the axle has wiggle room, it may be able to reduce vibe in yoyos. Ive had experiences that in some vibey 12mm axle yoyos of mine became a bit smoother with a properly tuned 8 mm axle.

Or, its so that it share the same axle size as other yoyos. Like for yoyofactory, the default axle seems to be the 12mm. It might save a significant amount of money to not order a larger or smaller axle for one model of a yoyo. Maybe some signiture yoyo had a very specific shape the player wanted, and maybe the model made it mandatory to make longer axle for that specific throw.

My last idea is so that it makes it harder to fully strip a yoyo side. If i only partially stripped half on a yoyo, i could fix the problem by putting in a longer axle.

Im sorry for having such limited knowledge to the subject, but i hope i at least help a little :slight_smile:

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That was more knowlegable then my post, thanks slow yo joe!

Ok, im done for the day, feel free to leave questions behind for me to answer tomorrow.

I always thought floating axle meant it wasn’t a bolt or attached to one side.

How does an undercut affect play? Such as on a Cliff or Avant Garde

It isolates more weight out to the rim, making it possible to further rim weight a yoyo by moving weight from the middle to the rim.

Can you please show the raw material prices? I believe 7075 is over twice as expensive

Because the amount tapped by the CNC isn’t necessarily the same as the length of the axle. If you can tap up to 5mm on each half, and there is 1.5 mm of clearance between the sides, that is 11.5mm. The largest size set screw you can buy without going over is 10 mm long. Floating axle’s are mainly due to overestimating the area that needs to be tapped.

It removes weight from an undesired area, which allows you to put it in a desired area.

Even in my limited experience with yoyos, I’ve seen even more clearance than that. I don’t know that I’d sweat it too much for 1.5mm (though in terms of precision machining, this is still a lot!); it’s when there is 3-4mm of extra clearance; surely this has to be part of the design, since no part of the yoyo should be “estimated”.

I get overestimating happening with smaller run hand made throws but surely when a company like YYF or YYJ do a huge run, they make sure they measure everything out properly first.

Maybe that extra bit of axle thread is there as a means to remove a miniscule amount of weight from the centre of the throw.


I think 7075 CAN be more expensive, but look at the werrd hour!

In contests, why is it called a “freestyle”. ie. “1A Freestyle”.

The majority of the performances are choreographed to every second of the music, and have been practiced for months beforehand. Certainly this is not freestyled.

The definition of freestyle is as follows:

Denoting a contest or version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors employ.

Basically, competitors are free to do whatever they want, just as long as they stay within the confines of the given style of throwing. There are no set tricks they can or can’t perform (unlike with ladders)

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