Responsive yoyo recommendation that fit my needs. (To groove tricks I already learnt and practice making it smoother)

Hi guys,

First, before I begin, a quick apology as I know there are already many threads to this nature and because I have somewhat similar thread already. I read through quite a few and some of them seem outdated perhaps as they are older threads, and I have some confusion around responsive, semi-responsive, fixed axle etc and wanted to ask for help that fits in with my personal situation currently.

I am currently using a Dove by yoyofriends, and have a VTWO and a Ti-Vayder on the way.
All of them being an unresponsive yoyo.

While I don’t want to start a “resposnive vs unresponsive” debate, I see a lot of advice especially from seasoned throwers like Markmont suggesting that all beginner players should learn on a responsive yoyo.
I plan on learning new tricks on my Dove to make it easier to learn tricks with less to worry about and then grooving those tricks on a responsive yoyo to practice getting smoother, maintaining string tension etc. and use it alongside as a form of training aid.

I don’t want a super beginner yoyo, because knowing my own shortcomings, that would probably limit my desire to use it, reducing playtime on it, and in the end just stop using it all together making it a buyer’s remorse yoyo for me.
I would like to get a responsive yoyo that I can use constantly alongside my other unresponsive throws a little every day to groove my tricks and help me get better.

Here are what I am currently looking at but open to new suggestions too. Help me find a good fit for my needs!

  • I see that Recess First Base is the most recommended for this, but it seems like it is sold out in most places.
  • Sage yoyo, or the YYF Onestar (as I think I’m correct in thinking that the sage is just a rebranded onestar) but this seems like the kind of yoyo I would not use very long
  • Replay seems to be another well recommended yoyo and seems like it is easier to find than most
  • Neo by ThrowRevolution, this seems like something I would like
  • Alleycat 650b by Core Co, only because I see one on BST for just ÂŁ25 on the British yoyo association group on Facebook and the seller is also in UK.

Ideally something that is easy to source, or buy even in UK, or something from this site as I like this community and want to support @AndreBoulay, if from this site I will wait for black friday coming up soon to make the purchase.

Questions I had other than the obvious which one should I get? are:

  • How is a fixed axle yoyo different, and why would one use it?
    It seems like it serves a different purpose opening up new playstyles maybe but possibly not the best fit for my intended use of grooving my tricks
  • Other than the fact metal responsive yoyos will probably destroy my hands at this point in time, what are the benefits or disadvantages of going for a slimline yoyo like the Alleycat or the Deep State?
  • I see some yoyos described as semi-responsive? Maybe this isn’t what I am looking for given this purchase is intended to help improve my play. When would you want a semi-responsive yoyo?

I should also point out that at the moment in time and for the near future, I have no desire to learn to loop, offstring, or freehand and want to focus on getting better at standard 1A first.

[Edit] : I should also point out my current skill level, I can do most of the “Frist 50 Tricks” on yoyo tricks tutrorials and currently working on Kwyjibo (landing the second pop to D.Or.N. eludes me) in terms of tutorials, I can do all the tricks upto intermediate and currently working on the advanced tricks. I have been throwing for just over a week now, but used to dabble before in the past so a little easier for me to pick up faster up to this point.

Thank you again, and sorry all my posts are always very long.

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Long posts are good. Keep it up. It makes it easier for someone to make a recommendation when they know all the factors. I would recommend the 650b, but it may be frustrating as it is on the slim side of things. It is great for modern responsive stuff, like stalls, lots of regens, flips and varials.

If you want something with a more old school feel, I think the Neo would be a fantastic idea for you. Wide enough to hit those newer tricks, but comfortable enough that you won’t want to stop using it.

Fixies are a solid (usually wood) axle, so no bearing to be found there. Spin times are usually, and normally, low. They are super fun, but not what you’re looking for given your description.


For responsive play you don’t need anything too crazy, a nice inexpensive plastic will get you pretty far.

Something like the Recess First Base or ThrowRevolution Neo would be a good choice. The YoYoFactory Arrow is one of my favorite responsive right now, and I’d also say take a look at the Duncan Freehand Responsive or C3 Speedaholic. For cheaper options the Duncan Butterfly XT and YoYoFactory Spinstar are pretty good too.

For Metal I would avoid slimline yo-yos like the Alleycat or Deep State you mentioned, they’ll just make it more challenging to land string tricks when learning responsive. The YoYoFactory Confusion GT, Basecamp Moonshine 2, and DocPop Weekender are really nice responsive metals to check out. Sometimes a good metal yo-yo just feels better in the hand.

You can check out a full list of our responsive yo-yos here:

Keep in mind that page is going to contain wooden fixed axle and looping yo-yos as well as all the responsive yo-yos I mentioned and more.


Thank you both!

It looks like fixed axle yoyo is more of a niche to try when I get better and want to change things up and try something new. Great to know and can cross that off my list of questions to revisit another day in the future.

I see that the Recess First Base is well recommended but it seems like it is sold out almost everywhere. Maybe a Second Base is incoming? :slight_smile:

So currently, it seems the Neo is the way to go judging by these two comments alone.
One question is as it is such a low wall yoyo, would it be responsive enough to ingrain skills like keeping string tension at the punishment of the yoyo returning if not?
Or does low wall / high wall not matter as long as the bearing is half spec?
If so what would happen if I just got a half spec bearing and chucked it in the Dove?

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I don’t believe the Dove will take a halfspec without also getting a shorter axle, and even then you can run the risk of stripping it.

Yes string tension will punish you on any responsive yoyo, as it will get tighter and tighter around the bearing, and cause the string to twist itself into the gap. A lower wall will be a touch more forgiving, but not much.

I may be wrong, but the Recess instagram seems to be teasing a new batch of First Bases, potentially for the holidays. Since you said you may be waiting for Black Friday anyway, there may be some up for grabs then. And if you’re SUPER desperate for a First Base, I will sell you my jawbreaker monthly throw splatter for exactly $6,000 US. Shipping included. 4/10 cosmetically. Pics upon request.


Would the $6,000 include shipping to UK? or would that be extra as it would cost more to ship to me than someone living in the States.


Yes good point. $6,500.


Yeah, I am sorry going to have to pass this time.
I had a look and I don’t really like the colourway personally.
And I rather like my house…


What a flake. Reporting you now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like PLSTC is also well recommended and seems to be similarly priced to the Neo.

But I have a feeling it might be more designed towards using it as an unresponsive yoyo once you progress past the basics?

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I was gifted a green replay (:heart: @TheThrowingGnome :fist_right::boom::fist_left:) a couple of months ago and I really enjoy the heck out of it. I forgot how fun it is to play on a responsive once in a while!
It came with a slim bearing, but I’ve also put a full sized bearing in it with no issues. I think you’re suppose to put a longer axle in it, but like I said, I’ve had no issues with the axle it came with.

This being said, I really have almost no experience with modern responsives so I’m not someone who can really point you in the right direction. I just haven’t played enough of them to give you a well rounded opinion.

I do agree with this though…

I love my Deep States…but I wouldn’t recommend using them to learn with. They’ll make things a whole heck of a lot harder than I think they should be.
I don’t really bring mine out to play much. I think they’ll be fun as heck though once I’m skilled enough and start getting more into fixed axle/modern responsive stuff.


Also, I just want to say, it’s been really cool having you around this past week! I’ve enjoyed all your posts and questions and everything…you’re very charismatic and I love your enthusiasm!
Plus I think it’s pretty bad ■■■ how good you’re doing for not having yo’ed for so many years!
I personally don’t mind 1 single bit reading your long posts!


Thank you Twitch! I have also really enjoyed being on here and appreciate all the advice and the encouragements.
Also just enjoy having company from people with the same hobby, especially enjoyed chatting with you @twitch77.
Hoping to stick around for a while. :slight_smile:


Here is where all of us responsive players hang out :slight_smile:

A lot of good info, and experienced players there. It’s a pretty open thread, anything responsive is talked about and shared there.


On my way!


If you’re interested in plastic, then I can’t really see a downside to getting a Replay. I certainly don’t know of any responsive plastics that are demonstrably better than the Replay, and it can’t be beat for the price, IMO. (And while the First Base is just about as good, it isn’t always available, doesn’t come in as many colors, and tends to cost a little more.)


Thanks for the tip!
I am currently debating between the Replay and the Neo. Price difference is quite small

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Quick update for everyone who gave me advice here.
(Special shout out to all your help over the messages @YoYoExpertGarrett)

I ordered a ThrowRevolution Neo!
It will be used alongside the Dove I’m currently using, and the VTWO that is on its way to me from YoyoExpert store, as a training aid to help me maintain string tension and work on making my tricks smoother :slight_smile:


did that Ti-Vayder come yet? if so how does it play?


Enjoy your Neo! I haven’t played one, but have been considering one for the type of responsive play you describe. I will echo what many have said, the Deep State, while a very fun yoyo, isn’t what I would recommend until you want something to really challenge your 1A tricks and play modern responsive well. Also, fixed axle is amazingly fun, and, like responsive will make you a more smooth and fluid player. However, most people aren’t hitting Spirit Bomb on a fixie every day. (I will be happy enough when I hit it consistently on a responsive yoyo…or at least feel comfortable enough that I’m not going to smash myself).