Responsive yoyo suggestions

I’ve always liked responsive play, be it fixed or with a well lubed bearing. There’s something about being able to command a yoyo to return with a simple tug of the string that satisfies.

What do you think are some of the best responsive? I’d love to hear what you think.


Oh man do I have you covered… fancy metal responsives is my thing.

By far (in my opinion of course) the two best are

  1. One Drop Deep State
  2. YoYoFactory Confusion

These are the gold standard by which everything else should be judged! I’d put Deep State slightly in front, but it’s a close call.

I’d choose the confusion if you prefer a smaller old school bearing, plus it comes with thinner response pads (and a wide bearing) if you want to play it unresponsive. The Deep State uses a recessed standard C bearing. Heavy lube that bearing and it’ll be very responsive indeed; clean the bearing for max spin time, and it’ll be more unresponsive.

Some others that are also excellent, depending on your shape and style preferences:

  • Basecamp Sherpa
  • Basecamp Moonshine
  • Tom Kuhn SB-2
  • CoreCo Alley Cat 650b
  • TopYo Creater
  • Rain City Skills Gamer
  • iYoyo 2

One I am not listing here is the Smashing Pip which plays like a square megabrick to me. Interesting … but not one I’d recommend.

As far as responsive plastic goes, my picks are:

  • Japan Tech LinkX (h shape, awesome!)
  • YYR Fay / Diffusion (v shape)
  • YoYoOfficer X-Point (w shape)
  • Recess First Base (o shape)

There’s a lot of responsive plastics out there but to me those play the best. And I like strong different shape choices :wink:

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Buy a good wooden responsive and you won’t have to worry about response, bearings or lube.


Right out of the package the Confusion plays perfect. I highly recommend.


I prefer wood for fixed 95% of the time just due to the way I like to play fixed yo-yos. Extended sleep time isn’t necessary. I do enjoy my moonshine though, but I still do the same stuff I’d do with wood.
One that hasn’t been mentioned is Custom (that’s the company name). I don’t know if they are still making yo-yos but you can find them around I think. Custom Reactor is the one I used to have

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And if you buy a horse you’ll never have to worry about gas, insurance, or tires! :grin:

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I am also really enjoying the Alley Cat by CoreCo:

And as mentioned - Deep State and Confusion are both GREAT. It has actually never been a better time than now to be into true responsive play while also being a modern thrower!

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Very true, yet the same logic does not quite apply to what I said.

I’m just teasing you. I already have the ultimate unresponsive bearing wood yo-yo that you so graciously made for me! Such a beauty.


I just realised that I said get an unresponsive wooden yoyo when I meant to say RESPONSIVE. Edited post.

I dont think so.

I’m not arguing against them being great metal unresponsives, i just don’t think they should be the standard by which ALL unresponsives should be judged.

Wooden fixed axle responsives are different, and just as good, if not better for most responsive tricks. Wooden fixed axles are dedicated to responsive play, but these others are intended to be used for unresponsive as well if desired.

Well, sort of. It’s a horse vs. car argument to me. Yeah, the horse will get you there eventually, and horses are cool and all, but … there’s a reason we’re not all riding horses around on the regular, isn’t there? Technology enables better tools.

The OP did ask for fixed axle as well as bearing, so consider mine the bearing recommendations. I don’t have any fixed axle recommendations.

I’m not sure you’re understanding me here.

Never mind.

I think the problem here is that we’re applying superlatives to opinions (yoyo choices)- always gonna lead to disagreements and rightfully so. You can set whatever parameters you want to make your choice “the best” but so can anyone else

I hear you. The only argument I’m really trying to support here is that while metal responsive yoyos are good, they tend to be designed for both responsive and unresponsive play and therefore have overly complicated hardware for performing responsive tricks.

Fixed axle wooden yoyos are solely dedicated to responsive play and perform the job deftly.

Again, I’m not trying to argue against metal responsives being good yoyos; I think they’re really cool.

Lots of great recommendations!

My throws of choice for responsive play at the moment are my Walter and eh.

The Walter is a great throw, it fits in the pocket nicely and I can do a lot of my favourite tricks with it. I have noticed that it does need a good top up of thick lube to keep it sweet, on a regular basis. The only responsive trick I can’t do on it is shoot the moon, which is my favourite responsive trick. Plus, Walters are hard to come by and I’m a bit reluctant to walk the dog with it.

I normally leave shooting moons up to my trusty eh. Its my favourite fixed axle that I own and its such a joy to play. This is the throw I’d probably take to the back or go hiking with. (Sand doesn’t agree with fine moving parts). Its also nice to throw something wooden, that isn’t harsh cold metal every so often.

I really like the look of the Confusion. Its got and old school shape and its a great price. Does it shoot the moon well? Sherpa is another one I’ve been looking at.


Have to pick on you here a little bit but you’re right about technology, which is why I use unresponsive yoyos for my tech tricks :sunglasses: As much as I like the novelty of responsive metals, I find them to be too “middle of the road” for anything. I get the draw of the added challenge that comes with using them to do advanced tricks, just doesn’t appeal to me personally. On the flip side, nothing feels like wood. There is a feeling that a well made fixed axle wooden yoyo provides that nothing else can, and THAT is the big draw for a lot of people. Is a GT-R faster around a track than an F40? Probably, but give me that slower, gated shifter and RWD any day.
Edit: sorry for threadjacking

Walter and Alleycat (the original and 650B) are my favorites. Theodore is quickly gaining favor as well. Also, I love my YWET’s and Daytona setup responsive as well!

Other honorable mentions: Flying V, Deep State, Moonshine, FHZ, Confusion & Gamer.

No worries – as I tried to say in my first post upstream… I’m only attempting to give metal bearing recommendations! I have zero opinions on fixed axle other than I don’t personally like them. :smirk: What can I say, I’m a computer programmer, I am a fan of technology!

The OP did ask for both kinds of recommendations…

… so if someone wants to jump in with fixed axle recommendations go for it!

Walter is suuuuuper rare limited run circa 2013 and extremely hard to get. Info here … it looks vaguely similar to the confusion?

I didn’t list the Luftverk Daytona (Ti) in my responsive list for a similar reason, though I did manage to get one, and it’s awesome, it is not for the faint of heart :wink:

I had to look up the Spyy Eh as I had not heard of it

“E.H.” for Ed H :smiley: