Modern Responsive yoyo?

Hey all!

Been digging around looking for a responsive yoyo, and im considering the basecamp sherpa currently.

I throw about 50/50 responsive and unresponsive, similar tricks, the responsive is to smooth everything out, and I usually prefer a thinner profile to do so.

I was wanting to pick up a modern yoyo to do this with. Anything compete with the Sherpa I should consider?

Pip, Moonshine, Walter … but best bet is the Sherpa, easiest to get your hands on.

Lubing the bearing will make most any yoyo responsive.

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Yup! I know that! Its how I run most of my responsive throws… but I’m looking for something designed for responsive play specifically.

This is an actual question but would the caribou lodge gorge work? I think it’s designed to be more old school with a modern bimetal twist but I don’t know if it has a responsive option.

Lubing a C bearing, or a 1/2 spec C bearing just doesn’t do it for me for responsive bearing yoyos. I think the Moonshine would be one of my absolute favorites if it had an A size bearing in it. I haven’t tried the Sherpa, but I suspect I’d feel similarly about it.

I tend to reach for a Velocity or Speed Dial for responsive play. My preferences might not align with yours however, as I like mix in more fixed axle style tricks into my responsive yoyo play.

Still, other than the Velocity or Speed Dial, what about a Freehand 2?

Just saying, my G&E 4 has a really wide gap. Lube worked for me to make it responsive. YMMV.

Oddly enough I have a ge4 I run responsive haha

Yes, I saw the pics of your collection. Impressive.

The Sherpa does seem to be highly praised. If you get one, maybe add on something with an A size bearing as well…

Walter & Moonshine are about the best modern responsive yoyos. The AntiYo YWET with silicone in both response grooves and a heavy lubed bearing is another of my favorites. There are 2 slim titanium pocket yoyos coming out that both are designed to be used with a slim bearing also, I’m going to grab one of them.

Walter though is really the one you want to look for, designed to be a modern responsive yoyo. It’s hard to find these days though.

While not out yet, Spencer’s next yoyo “Theodore” is in the works, there were a few serial numbers available to reserve still. If you’re looking for a modern responsive you may want to get a spot in the reservation.

CoreCo is also in the process of developing something in this vein, and it should be pretty rad.

Honestly I tend to play wood or unresponsive without blending into the responsive metal zone too much. I’ve yet to find one that truly and totally nails it. Walter is great fun, and honestly, so is a well-tuned SB2. I think we got pretty close to the mark with the SPYY Flying V, too, but my bias is showing. And I’m not sure anybody’s really captured the feeling of a new Freehand or Renegade (though admittedly, that feeling doesn’t last for long).

Nice to see you back around, Paul. I remember you from Dave’s board!

You gotten to play the new CoreCo yet? Looking forward to it, sounds like a really great, unique (for today) yoyo.

I’m starting to regret letting go of some of my older responsive yoyos. I have a feeling I would appreciate them much more now. Like my Cold Fusion GT…

I have a Tom Cat that I was ready to sell. Maybe I should try it once more first…

This is going to sound kinda weird to many but I wish that yyf would come up with a more up to date velocity/ speed dial. I have both and really enjoy them. I have lots of different yoyos (clyw, yyf, sengoku and so on) and these still get played a lot! If they made one with a bit more rim weight, that would be great! :slight_smile: I like having the ability to play them responsive if I want.

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This might sound even weirder, but I think it be even cooler if they came with rubber weight rings like some yoyos used to have. Lighter and more even weight distribution for responsive tricks like STM, stalls and regens, heavier with more rim weight for unresponsive and longer combo responsive play.

I found some rubber O-rings that fit my Speed Dial, and I enjoy messing around with that.

The sad part is I sold a little over 50 yoyos a few months after college when I had to do an unpaid internship then moved states and was unemployed for 6 months.


As for everyone else - ty for the replies! Ill keep looking around. The basecamp is only $55 so Ill probably snag one of those soon.


I tried some of the responsive basecamp throws at a store, I didn’t find them consistent - would sometimes hang when I tugged. They looked and felt nice, but didn’t respond the way I wanted, so I didn’t purchase.

The dv888 is nice and responsive. Though I don’t find it too comfortable.

For relaxing throwing I use a 2a yoyo or silver bullet.

I personally really like the yyf whip. Sounds weird but it works great I think!