Modern Responsive yoyo?


Can you tell more about slim titanium?


Luftverk and 2Sick have slim ti yoyos on the way.



Responsive yoyo suggestions

I picked up a new yomega glide from their website, on sale for $34.99, comes with a narrow c bearing and is sold as a responsive yoyo. Extremely smooth and very nice.


We’ve got protos for our slimline responsive and I don’t usually do hype posts but Uri and I are incredddiiibbblllyyyy happy with it. Ed’s is in the mail and Nate Sutter is getting one too. You should have feedback from them soon! We went with small bearing because we feel like no half-spec C bearing options feel right. The wind and regen just feels wrong on them, to us, when compared to classic responsive yoyos. Drew Tetz, Ed Haponik and Nate Sutter all had input into the shape and design. We didn’t want to make a yoyo that plays fine unresponsive and modify it to play just ok responsive, we wanted it to be AIMED at pure responsive play, with unresponsive setups being the after thought. This one winds great, can be smooth and tug responsive and has just enough modern yoyo design into it to make it spin real good.

7075 aluminum, huge axle, takes a beating, walls and dimensions specifically designed to assist in kickflips. Stoked on this yoyo!


Ugh…Randy this post just made me want this yoyo even more! Sounds like one I’m going to have at least two of ;D


This sounds like a winner!


Yes this was exactly what I’ve been talking about, in reference to bearing choice!

OK, I’m going to make sure I have funds ready for this yoyo. I am buying it!

(ed) #29

20 years ago, we knew we had something special in modern yo-yoing, but were still figuring out what it was going to be. 15 years ago, we were establishing a direction and developing the technology to serve it. 10 years ago, there was an undercurrent of players starting to look back at the trick landscapes we’d overlooked, trying to connect with responsive play again, and find the best of both worlds. 5 years ago, there were players pushing a lo-fi, mid-school style, but most of the attempts at a “modern responsive” yo-yo had something missing.

This year…

If you have been following this thread, you will enjoy playing with this.


Self plug here! I’ll actually be releasing a small run of these soon, it’s intended to be a lighter, responsive yoyo that anybody can play with. The bearing is recessed, so the gap is much more narrow at 3.5mm, and will use OD 10 ball bearings and General Yo pads. Currently being machined!


How much?


Alleycat, Wesley’s new yoyo, Theodore, Luftverks, 2Sick’s and possibly another one coming out this year! I love it!

(Luftverk & 2Sick it seems have the ability to use a Large C or half spec, but they’re slim line yoyos, why I added them to this list)


Just got thinking, we had the summer of titanium a little while back, is this year going to be the year of slimline & responsive yoyos?


I’m really looking forward to this one. It looks like a lot of fun


Duncan metal racer is a nice cheap option. I have one and it’s fun to mess with.


And now, OneDrop has the Deep State. :slight_smile:

It really feels like this is the year for slimline responsive yoyos. Haha.

I have not obtained any but I am currently looking into Core Co. Alleycat. Very interesting design.


Love the Alleycat and the DeepState. Both get played or carried with me every day. Both, although responsive/slimline, are totally different from each other. Highly recommend getting both!

Alleycat is great if you want a old school, but modern playability, type yoyo. Great for stalls and flip tricks. But can also barrel through your favorite midschool style tricks also.

Deep State is a killer everyday carry yoyo. Smaller than the Alleycat, a little slimmer. Fits in the pocket easier. Has a Large C bearing, can be setup to play completely unresponsive, or responsive. Great yoyo if you’re wanting to dial in your tricks. The thinner width and smaller gap will fine tune all your tricks. When you can hit all your tricks on this cleanly your tricks are going to be really smooth when you go back to your full size throw. Heard stories that Gentry use to practice his contest routines on a One Drop Dingo.


Gamer is out already too.

Looks less interesting than the alleycat or deepstate to me, mostly due to the super boring shape. Heard some good reviews though.

Tis the season.


My responsive :fire: