New Freehand Ti Responsive Play?

Has anyone tried the new Freehand Ti with a slim bearing for responsive play? I know they have a responsive specific version, and the AL says it can be played semi responsive at least. Does the Ti version have the same basic specs that it could also be made reasonably responsive?

I get that almost any YoYo can be made somewhat responsive with a bearing blank or slim bearing and thick lube, guess I’m more curious if it had the same design specs as the one marketed as responsive and would play the same?

I play a regular Freehand 1 AL responsive with a lubed half spec bearing most of the time. Like you said axles are really generic so with just a shorter axle and lubed half spec bearing you can play almost any yoyo responsive if you really want to. Freehand 1 AL plays best when capless for responsive play imo, they’re still a bit on the heavy side even while capless, but it kinda adds to the charm of them and makes it very unique from all of my other responsive stuff. I wasn’t around to yoyo in the early 2000s but I’d like to imagine I’m throwing something with a similar vibe stuff had back then. Good enough spin times and unresponsive just enough to get through complex tricks, but responds easily enough to do some flashy responsive returns to end your tricks.

If you want a great responsive experience you’re probably better off packing some grease into a small bearing Freehand, but the C bearing freehands still get the job done well enough imo. If it’s responsive ti you’re after though, I’d imagine you’d be better off getting one of luftverk’s responsive yoyos. C bearing freehands are really fun responsive, but with the caveat that they aren’t amazing for it. Smaller bearing response is always going to be better and these boys capless are still very heavy.


Thanks for the input, much appreciated. Sounds like it’s do-able then, maybe just not ideal, or just different.

I do have the Luftverk Multiform and Alpina and enjoy those.

I’ll source a half spec and try it, as I own the Ti, but maybe won’t expect great things.

I need to grab a few blanks and half size bearings maybe just to have on hand to experiment.