help me figure out responsive play

Ok, so I know responsive’s roll in looping/2a so that’s not what this is about.

I see all of these threads about “fixed axle this-and-that” and it made me want to get back and try responsive play. However, the responsive yoyos I have tried have either been too responsive and the gap is to thin to do advanced string tricks. Or the gap is wide enough for string tricks but it’s only semi-responsive And might take a couple of tugs before returning.

Yet I see fixed axle Videos of people doing rancid milk and ladder escape with fixed axle. But I have only been using a yyj classic and a Duncan pro z, not fixed axle.

Does fixed axle really make a difference in responsize string trick play?

The short answer is no.

You should be able to play responsive equally well with a fixed axle or a responsive bearing yoyo. Keep in mind that responsive play is less forgiving than unresponsive play and your throw needs to be straight.

So is responsive play not really about long string trick combos but more a mix of simple string tricks and looping?

Also, I see in Ed Haponik’s videos that he incorporates a lot of stalls/regens which makes sense as well.

Responsive playing is all about fun! Some tricks are inconvenient with responsive yoyo, like say plastic whip -there is more chance yoyo will hit you in the head than it will land where it should :).
If you are using classic with slim bearing, you could try normal C sized but filled with lube. It should be more forgiving.
For me, the best setup is with old dying bearing that is responsive even when cleaned, but still spins. And I also lube it.

You should be able to do your “unresponsive” tricks on a responsive yoyo. There is no difference between responsive and unresponsive 1A besides the yoyo comes back with a tug. It is 1A, it has nothing to do with looping. Responsive 1A is different than the fixed axle stuff.

The tricks are only as simple as you make them.

Danny and Adam are both playing stock Freehands there, and the videos are about eight years old, most people still aren’t this good. No better responsive yoyo out there, go get one.