Falling in love with Responsive play?!

Soo…I recently purchased a YYJ Dragon Jam for a pocket yoyo. I figured i could just carry it all the time and do a few loops and a trapeze every once and a while, but now that ive been playing with it ALOT ive improved my throw and can do alot of my tricks in my arsenal, and i kinda like the fact that i can do a flyaway dismount haha. I think that playing responsive might smooth out my style, at least thats what ive heard, and its such a joy!

So. have you ever fell in love with responsive play?

Do it. Play the crap out of that thing.
You’ll bash the hell out of your knuckles for a while as you learn more advanced tricks on it, but it is so worth it.

Seeing all these kids putting out their “two-month” videos with high end, dead unresponsive, dead smooth yoyos is painful. They are all horribly un-smooth. It will work wonders for your playing.

I’ve been using my stock FH2 for practice a lot and can do skin the gerbil most of the time. It feels so rewarding. I love when I can pull out a Cold Fusion and still have spin left for a trapeze and bro slack to gt with it. ;D I use that along side my FHZ(unresponsive for learning the lacerations and suicide stuff) and they are played more than my Dv888 and Campfire now lol.

Inspiration! I will have to play my Kickside closed all the way!

This is why Ed is my hero…

I play my Higby/Ed ‘66’ profly all they time

Responsive yoyos are fun to play with and they will work wonders on your smoothness for beginner to intermediate tricks; however, when you get to more advanced stuff and start creating combos of your own. Unresponsive yoyos are the only thing you can use. Im just saying that pros cant do their crazy stuff on a responsive yoyo.

do me a favor. skip to :39 and watch tyler severance. k?

sorry but you’re just utterly wrong. people use unresponsive yo-yo’s because a more complicated style is EASIER using them; certainly not IMPOSSIBLE without them. there are tons of tricks that are possible on responsive yo-yo’s that can’t be done on unresponsive. i’ve probably made up 30 tricks in the last year on wood and tug-responsive yo-yo’s that would never have occurred to me if i just played unresponsive. it’s all the direction you want to explore.

the vast majority of ‘pros’ that i know can wreck it on a responsive yo-yo. a lot of people would rather not believe that because it suggests (and in most cases, accurately) that they’re MILES from that level.

Well, why don’t you all try to do a plastic whip on a responsive yoyo? Uh huh. That’d be right. You cannot. I do not criticise you all for being advocates for responsive play, but cut and dry, some tricks simply cannot be done on one.

Wrong all over. You could not be more incorrect.
What do you think Plastic Whip was invented on? Probably a Renegade or something from that era.

I guarantee you Ed can do them on a No-Jive. Which is not only responsive, but a fixed axle.
If you want proof that it can be done, I believe Steve does a few in How To Be A Player or the “String trick” videos that (used to come?) come with Duncans.

Just because you aren’t good enough to do it does NOT mean it is impossible.

More brilliant responsive play:

I really can’t believe that somebody thought you can’t yoyo without it being unresponsive. Besides all these new complicated string tricks, most of the tricks you’ve heard of were created on responsive yoyos years ago. I specifically remember that White Buddha was made on a responsive yoyo (Renegade I think).

Both of those videos were very great but I am afraid to say that the tricks executed in them are not really advanced tricks but are rather closer to intermediate tricks sped up into complicated seeming combos. But those videos were cool.

Oh! Okay. Here I thought you just didn’t know much a bout yoyo play. Turns out you’re just a moron.
I would love to see a video of you doing any one of those tricks half as well as they do. Choice of yoyo is up to you.

I can do the tricks although not tha fast. I am not denying for a second that they are more talented than me. Who knows maybe I’m wrong. Whoopie doo dah

Well played.

Then there’s David… Two Duncan stickers above flush on a Velocity.

Ugh, am I the only one annoyed?

you’re kidding right? plastic whip? … ok (give it 5 minutes to process).

while we’re at it:

i’m actually not an egomaniac, but i get irritated when people assume ‘you can’t do this with response’, just because THEY, THEMSELVES can’t.

there are certainly tricks of which responsive yo-yo’s are incapable (just as there are tricks - like tug-stalls, of which unresponsive yo-yo’s are incapable). the original poster was not making any grand claim - just saying that playing responsive was a ‘JOY’, and that it might smooth out his style. hitting plastic whip, spirit bomb, or kamikaze on a fixed wood axle isn’t easy, but it’s doable (so is a lot harder - i’ve seen adam brewster hit superman on wood).

the point i’ll stand by is that playing responsive is a good practice whether it’s what you prefer or not. it adds a dimension to your play, and you’ll find you can hit way more than you might expect.


Bahaha. Ed is my favorite.
I was actually going to put your Pure 143 video up! But, I expected another “that’s not advanced” reply.
Eh… Yeah.

Dang Ed… today’s been a terrible day for me, but that made me soooo happy.

I can’t wait to see how King825 replies. :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me want to go pull out my FH2 and throw monkey , add new friction stickers and improve my throwing . Im inspired Ed that was good .

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Ed! You made my day by doing plastic whip on a looping yoyo :wink: You inspired me, too…ima take out my speedmaker…