pros & cons of responsive & unresponsive play?

[color=yellow]pros and cons of reponsive and uresponsive play???[/color]
can somebody tell me the pros and cons of responsive & unresponsive play?

Pros are longer spin times and a the ability to do tricks that require a wider gap or any kind of jerking motion. Some of the hardest and coolest tricks people do right now require an unresponsive yo-yo. That’s not to say the hardest and coolest tricks every to exist past, present, and future require an unresponsive yo-yo, just the ones people do now. It’s a style of play, and right now, that style is in vogue.

Cons are that it’s way harder if you’re a beginner and you can’t do tricks that require a yo-yo to come back when you jerk it. Most, if not all looping tricks require a responsive yo-yo, but there’s other tricks that take advantage of tug-responsiveness. You can probably find examples of those if you look at yo-yo videos from 6-8 years ago or later.

If you’re planning out your yo-yo career, it’s probably way better venture down the path of unresponsive play, at least to begin with. Since that’s what’s popular right now, there’s far more examples to learn from and inspire you.

did you know that [move]you can do this [move]more than once in [move]one line?[/move][/move][/move]

if you’re “planning out your yo-yo career”… you kinda need help on a grander scale than this question would offer. play yo-yo the way it appeals to you. no one sticks with it if they don’t like it.

i’m old by yo-yoer standards, and most of my yo-yo’s are made out of wood, so take this for what it’s worth. you should get so good at every facet of yo-yoing that it really doesn’t matter what you’re throwing. responsive. unresponsive. you should be able to pick a yo-yo up without looking and slay dragons with it. yeah most of the popular tricks today favor unresponsive yo-yo’s, but unresponsive yo-yo’s also enable a lot of sloppiness, especially when you’re starting. you can get away with poor technique and fool yourself into thinking you’ve ‘got it made’. guys like miggy, andre, adam brewster, and the majority of the guys up and coming players idolize can KILL IT on a responsive yo-yo just as surely as they can on an 888. mostly that’s because they learned to play at a time when unresponsive was not yet the standard. i watched yuuki, tyler, and red all hit spirit bomb on a no jive their 1st try. you CANNOT BUY that kind of skill or precision. it DOES NOT come in your choice of 12 sodablasted anodized colors. you build it. over YEARS. bit by bit.

the “pro” of playing unresponsive are that you get to blend in and learn more complicated tricks faster. you might get to work on “expert” or “master” or “whatever” within a few weeks of your first throw. playing unresponsive is undeniably fun and you can move in a lot of more obvious creative directions really quickly. folks on the street will be amazed. the “con” is that you might actually believe that your skill is worth more than you’ve invested, which it will never, ever be. also, folks who play mostly unresponsive tend to look at their hands an awful lot. folks on the street will be turned off.

the “con” to playing responsive is that it takes forever to get “good”, especially if that’s all you do. you will whack your knuckles until you honestly just can’t feel them anymore. you’ll listen to your friends brag about how they’ve “mastered ladder escape” when kwyjibo is still touch and go for you. you will genuinely believe that certain things are totally, depressingly impossible. the “pro” of playing responsive is that, in time, you will come to be legit. you will know viscerally where yo-yoing comes from, and in fact as you play, you’ll manifest a part of it. it might take you years, but when the same friends hand you their new yo-yo and you let them hold yours… you’ll be able to rock the crap out of theirs while they look at yours with “that confused dog look”. and most importantly, you will learn the joy in overcoming the impossible.

pretty much every yo-yoer whose play i respect can rock a responsive yo-yo. i really can’t think of one who can’t. but like everything in life, i think it’s important to strike a balance. playing ALL responsive or ALL unresponsive will limit your perspective. to me, it’s important to spend time playing every kind of yo-yo i can; old, new, whatever material, weight, axle, response. it keeps it fresh and frighteningly vast. it keeps me from slouching toward the belief that i’m a ‘good, complete yo-yoer’… which, god help me, i hope i never feel i am.


Damn ed… You make me want to go play with my fast 201 again. lol

That is one of the deepest things i’ve read. thank you man.

When learning a player should begin the way yoyos began, as responsive.
Begin at the beginning.
Any player will benefit.
Just taking my own experiences out of it and look at the beginner and intermediate videos here on YoYo Expert. Andre makes no mention that you need an unresponsive yoyo to learn these tricks.
All of the beginner and the first 5 intermediate tricks, can without much difficulty, be mastered with a fixed axle. A Bearing yo yo is most defiantly more easy, but not necessary. My screen name might very will be WoodenYoEr because it is what I enjoy and want to be associated with but, I play plastic bearing responsive yoyos more than wood, why? Because they are fun and challenging too. I believe a balance between challenge and fun should be reached when playing yoyo. I believe a player should not do only the popular thing but be proud to take the unpopular path then look back at the popular path and say…“hey look what I have achieved!” Something genuine! Then take a look down the popular path and say “now I’m ready to do that cool stuff!”
As much as it is for myself, I will someday venture down the path of unresponsive play.
Not until this young grasshopper is ready.

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Thanks for the advice. I got into yoyoing 12 years ago during the craze and fell out of it when I got married. Since my kids are older now they have renewed my love for yoyoing, all I have are my yoyos from that era. Since I just started back yoyoing a week ago I kept reading that you need an unresponsive yoyo and having to learn to bind, which is a new concept to me since my yo-yos are all responsive. I was seriously thinking of buying a new yoyo to learn tricks with, but you have just reassured me that I’m on the right path with my responsive yoyos (Cold Fusion GT, X-RayBee, BumbleBee GT).

I know the road is longer, but in the end it will be more rewarding.

wow ed, yeah you might get easily frustrated if you start using an unresponsive throw as a first throw

I have to add to things on what everyone has said but I personally think responsive returns give smoother and cooler looking return.