playing responsesive vs playing unresponsive

hey guys,

so a lot of people have been telling me to play responsive, all my yoyo life i have played responsive
there’s so many tricks you cant do responsive. A lot of my unresponsive yoyos have turned responsive
and people are telling me not to sweat it, what should i do ??? :-[ :’( :’(

Generally the yoyo will regain its unresponsiveness if you keep playing it with just a tad of tin lube.

Most people think you should play responsive because it makes you smoother. I think if you really want to be smooth then just yoyoing a lot and paying attention to what you are doing will make you gain that smoothness.

Name a trick that you can’t do with a responsive yoyo. (We had this discussion a few weeks ago hehe)

What “I’m full of myself” said is true.

am i wrong in saying any trick with a pop in it? Any time i try something like kwyjibo or spirit bomb with a responsive yoyo, it returns as soon as i pop it.

Kwijibo and spirit bomb were created on very responsive yoyos.
Kwijibo by Taylor Whitley using a bumble bee, and spirit bomb by Jeff Longoria using a renegade.

THose tricks can actually be done. I have an Agape setup right now responsive. The only thing that is hard on it is suicides. Not impossible but hard. There are a few tricks you can’t do but not too many.

Yeah, very few. I have been playing with my Black Gold which is responsive for whatever reason and can consistently easily do Kwyjibo and Spirit Bomb, as well as many others. It sounds like you just need some practice.

Heck, Ed showed us that you can do plastic whip on a responsive (wood? I don’t remember if it was wood or not) yoyo.

Yup Ed pulled a plastic whip on a Profly and a No-Jive.

Ed is also one of the best throwers alive in my opinion, he could do anything with a profly, I’m willing to bet.

Playing responsive can be a challenge for those that dove right into unresponsive play, but it’s important to get that basis. Honestly, responsive 5A is about the most fun I can have with a yo-yo, and that’s what it’s all about after all.

Poping tricks are a challenge, but extremely do-able. The only tricks I really have problems with are ones like plastic whip.

I pull off eli hops on my stock fh2 all the time. It just takes dedication and patience. But it is fun to watch someone go throw a sick combo then just tug the yoyo back to their hand. This topic comes up a lot. I’m surprised Ed hasn’t spoken up yet. :wink:

bahh i’d go practice with my bumble bee, but i loaned it to my sister (im trying to get her more interested in yoyoing). Hmm…maybe i could try it on my exodus…

From ed Himself:

O_O superman on WOOD!?
thats crazy.

ok then apetrunk, plastic whip, most whip tricks, laceration, suicide :slight_smile:

Did you not read this thread at all? Read what like 3 people have said Ed can do and has done on camera. Also read what “I’m conceted” said that he can do with suicides.

I consistently do whip tricks and lacerations with responsive yoyos.

i read your part then answered the question :-[

Don’t doubt responsive yoyos, I’ve lost that argument before.

i think the bottom line for me, and the reason why yo-yoing can be so great for so long… is that you can constantly push back the limits of what you believe to be ‘possible’. it seems like every day, i get to say to myself ‘i can DO that? on WOOD???’

the best players are the ones who are secure enough to realize just how much they have to learn. how far they have to go.

He hath spoken.
Thou Shall listen