What unresponsive yoyo to get?


I am looking to get an unresponsive yoyo. I could be classified as a beginner or intermediate, but i am looking to get an intermediate-advanced yoyo. I know how to do bind returns and some tricks, but my yoyojam journey just isn’t doing it for me. Here are the yoyos i am looking at getting:
YoYo factory grind machine
duncan metal drifter
yoyo factory DV888
Zeekio c-4
YoYojam dark magic II
Shinwoo Zen series
yoyofactory northstar/prostar

I am looking to spend under 60$ (45 euros).
suggestions are always helpful as well, I am looking to get the best yoyo that i can out of these, and I don’t know how to compare them. I am mainly looking at the Dark magic, the Zen, and the DV888 though, but the others seemed good also.

(J. Lev) #2

I’d stick with your Journey.

There’s this mentality that people need to go unresponsive as soon as possible, because that’s how “pros” do it. However, that could not be further from the truth.

Playing unresponsive is completely detrimental to your development as a yoyoer. Your smoothness, ability to learn tricks, and overall skill level are greatly affected by the switch to unresponsive play. The longer you stay responsive, the better off you will be.

(Vizoh) #3

Northstar or protostar cheap and very good


Check out popstar, protostar, northstar, Plastic gring machine. All great at very small price!


I have a YYF Whip. It’s unresponsive. It’s 10 dollars or around there.


Yes but keep in mind whip is very light.


But this person wants a Intermidate-advanced. if WHIP is light it should be easier to bind right. Whip is intermidate isn’t it


But his want list yoyos ar every heavy.


Dark Magic II should be perfect for you

(laxdude99) #10

My favorite of your choices would have to be the dv888 because of how well it plays for its price


Foxlandprecision Katz meow BEAST of a throw


Some tricks need unresponsive play. and the ones that need that are ones that look really cool so eventually it helps to have an unresponsive yo-yo.

If you want my input. I got the metal drifter and it is amazing for me. I also have the legacy 1 and know they have a 2nd so I’m sure that would be a good one too

(J. Lev) #13

Yeah. He’ll get to that eventually. Slow and steady wins the race.

But you will be such a better yoyoer if you hold off.

I cannot emphasize how crucial this is to your development.


You have not seen an Ed Haponik video have you? Any trick is possible with a responsive yoyo, it just takes more practice.


How responsive? plastic whip cannot be done with a yoyo that is super responsive

(J. Lev) #16

Not if you’re doing it right.


Alright put a video of you doing plastic whip with a fixed wooden axel

(J. Lev) #18

I don’t have a camera with me at school. So in a quick search, I found this.

0:26 seconds, a variation of Plastic Whip. As well as Brent Stole and Double Hook.

Now, if we’re done arguing semantics (which I really hope we are), I’d like to say that whether or not Plastic Whip can be hit on a responsive yoyo does not matter. Did I learn it on a responsive yoyo? No. Did I learn most of the stuff on YYE (well, Mastermagic, technically) on a responsive yoyo? You bet I did. Why? Because it’s good for you as a yoyoer.

If you want xSpartanCx to waste money to be negatively affected, then there’s something seriously wrong. Please just accept this for his sake.

-exit thread-


Thread lock requested!

Ed brings fixed wooden axle to new levels of awesome, smoking some of the best players who are using unresponsive yoyos and leaving them in the sawdust and fiber strands coming off his fixed axle.

As for me, I want to have fun, so for me, that meant learning to bind before really getting into intermediate tricks. Am I cheating myself? Maybe. But, when I get better, I have no issue going back to responsive yoyos and enjoy a whole new level of challenge on the same tricks. My end goals are modest: personal enjoyment and amusement.

However, fixed wooden axle insanity like Ed? No, I don’t think I’m gonna get there. I don’t think I’m gonna go there. Who knows. I’ll just see here this takes me.


How does he do that with a Fixed Axle?