When did you go unresponsive?

I’ve only been yo yoing about 6 months. I am through yye’s intermediate list (for the most part). I’m sure it’s an individual preference question, but what’s your opinion- when is the right time to go unresponsive? When did you switch over? Should I perfect what i got before experimenting or dive in? Should I upgrade my throw? Am I just looking for an excuse to upgrade?.. Ack! Too many questions!!!

I went unresponsive at 1 1/2 months. I think 6 months is more than enough time to go unresponsive, GO FOR IT!

Fyi, im at 8 months ish and almost completed all thricks on yye except for the darned magic drop and tricks that ise it and yukki slack. I have a collection of bout 20 high end yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, you are more then ready to have an unresponsive yoyo. Which yoyo do you have, and what is your proce range for a new one?

I have a maverick and a metal drifter. Considering a dm2. The maverick lists to one side and vibes like nobody’s business. I like the drifter but I find it to be wide. (I’m older and have small hands). Thinking about driving up to a2z to see what’s available rather than buy unseen. I know I can mod what I have, so debating how I want to move forward.

Somewhere around 15-30 daysof yoyoing, around the time when i finished he intermediate section and started the advanced section

Jumped straight into it.


Same, actually went backwards I guess if the norm is starting responsive. :slight_smile:

Just go for it!

When you come to the NH Yoyo Club’s April 20th meeting…you can try as many unresponsive throws as you could imagine. :wink:


It is probably time to upgrade. I went unresponsive about a month into yoyoing. I recommend getting a yoyo in the $30-$60 range. You don’t want to spend too much, since you may ding it up learning unresponsive yoyoing. A $30 plastic yoyo would be great for learning unresponsive yoyoing. The Yoyojam yoyos with metal weight rings a great for learning, since they give long sleep times. The Duncan De-Luxxe line, C3yoyodesign Di Base, and the Yoyofactory DV888 are budget aluminum yoyos that are great to learn unresponsive play with. God Tricks and Shinwoo make some cheap aluminum yoyos, I haven’t heard much about them, but I am sure that they are good, since Yoyoexpert sells them.

IMO, you’re well beyond the point of going unresponsive. I think getting a “transition” (two bearings for responsive and unresponsive) yoyo is a good idea cause you’re less likely to blame the yoyo for any woes. If you’re having problems with unresponsive, just temporarily switch back to responsive.

I’m wondering if we could sticky a list of “no-brainer” yoyo’s for certain price ranges. Here is what I know of:


DM2 (two bearings included for responsive and unresponsive)


Pick any

I’ve never tried the Capless myself, but I hear it mentioned a bunch, as well as a lot of MYY’s.

I think the fact that your asking the question means that you are ready…

You are progressing very well from what you have said. It is natural to progress into the kind of tricks that only an unresponsive yoyo can provide. That is not to say you should not still keep a few responsive throws around for fun. I have a YYJ Classic that is set up responsive just for that. Also all my wood throws are too.

A2Z is a great start. If you go try to do it on a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 4:30 to 6pm you will NOT be dissapointed as that is when yoyo school is… It is a great way to see not only what yoyo to get next but to get some good advice and learn new tricks all at the same time!!!

Learning is so much fun and getting better feels great!!! Going unresponsive is a natural progression. Seems like its your time fore sure!!

I went unresponsive after learning Matrix and Buddha’s Revenge. A few weeks in I suppose.

I use a velocity ^^ and i wuld like to try dm, protostar, and genesis, mostly dm ^^

Unless you count my butterfly I was given a modded Hyperwarp Heavywing and didn’t at the time no why it wouldn’t come up to me but in about 15 minutes I put the string in the gap and it came up to me so ya now I’m about 4 months and can do most the tricks on the trick list except ladder escape yukki slack kamikaze and magic drop. I have about 8 throws
And I own a Genesis an it’s great and ive also owned a speedial which is pretty much the same thing as a velocity and it’s great for beginner to advanced tricks

i would assume ladder escape wouldnt be that hard to learn at ur level? And its odd how u dont know how to do magic drop yet too

Yup, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. But, I think some would argue over which ones are “no-brainer” yoyos. No-brainers, to me, would be ones that 99% would not argue about. Also, someone just posted a similar thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,57693.0.html

Since I first pick up a yoyo(grind machine)

I went unresponsive after learning to bind, so at about 3 days in (the same day I got a YYF Velocity).

Edit for clarity:
I went unresponsive 3 days into what I consider “modern throwing”. I spent a few years throwing a responsive yo yo as a teenager in the 90s and had all of the beginners tricks from this site down before I started my “modern throwing” kick that I have been on.

I actually yoyoed on and off before I learned about what yoyo actually is today, and that no, atom smasher is not the hardest trick in the world(stupid Yomega trick book)!
My first unresponsive was a yoyofactory One, which I think was a perfect first unresponsive. In my opinion, one should start throwing unresponsive after you’ve got throwing a responsive yoyo cleanly and smoothly down. I’ve seen people who started on unresponsive, and have tried teaching people like that, and their technique is generally more sloppy and they have a hard time learning tricks. This is just my opinion though.

I went unresponsive after I learned Double or nothing, after about 2 years of a few days at a time on a semi-not working Yomega Hyperwarp Wing. :stuck_out_tongue: My first unresponsive yoyo was a dv888, and the first trick I learned after that was the Matrix.

I think it was when my Yoyo didn’t sleep long enough and I wanted to learn slack tricks cause I was at that point in time so I bought myself a stack-less GM and some poly string.