Need advice re: a moderately responsive throw


Been out of the throwing game about 3 years, and only throws I’ve kept are my unresponsive metals. They’re great, but I’m also looking to get a hybrid that offers qualities of both responsive/unresponsive.

For me, this role had been filled by the the YYJ Matrixx, the Dark Magic II, the YYJ Classic and some others that - like the first 3 - I don’t have anymore. The latter 2 came with 2 bearings (one wide, one narrower). The Matrixx used a starburst-like method.

I see that the Dark Magic is still around, but the Classic and Matrixx are OOP…but I would love to hear recommendations from y’all re: more current throws that you rate highly that allow for more responsive play.



The Sage is one of the best yoyos in that category. Its based on the design of the Protostar, so its great in both responsive and unresponsive forms. You do need a wide bearing to make it unresponsive. If you want, you can still buy a Dark magic 2 right here at yoyoexpert, or something with a more modern shape:
This one I own, and its pretty nice:
To make the slim bearing play reliably responsive, flood it with thin lube on both sides. Makes it quiet too.


The basecamp Sherpa perhaps? I personally just lubricate the bearings pretty heavily in mine or use Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Sounds weird but it works very well for what I need it to do.


Thank you!

Heh, sounds like YYJ is may still be a main purveyor of this kind of yoyo - man, I remember having a original Spinfaktor, Spinfaktor 2… I also like the way the Vexed looks.

The Sage…I forgot that the other day I watched a “2016 Buyers Guide” vid on Youtube that recommended the Sage. I made a note to look for some reviews, so thanks for the added confirmation.

I’ll look at the Sherpa. Actually just purchased a Basecamp Jacknife, and am very impressed with it.

Appreciate the thoughts!


^I like this guy, always seems thankful! Wish there were more of you people in our world :wink:


I’ll be releasing these soon :slight_smile: They’re meant to be set up responsive, and will be coming with OD 10 ball bearings. Shoot me a message if you’d be interested! Trying to get these hyped a bit haha


:smiley: when someone takes their time to share their experience and/or advice…it’s well worth a thank you!


The Sage is just a YoYoFactory Onestar with rebranded caps and a narrow bearing. You can get one here as well, but you would have to buy the narrow bearing separately:

One of my favorites for responsive/unresponsive is the Recess First Base:

And as mentioned above the Sherpa is a fun yo-yo and a good recommendation if you want a responsive metal yo-yo.


Thanks, Garrett. I do like the look of the Recess.

It sounds like there are still some good choices out there - some older and some new. At this point, I’m probably going to go with plastic or plastic/metal hybrid.


YoYoExpert Garret beat me to the punch here, I was all set to recommend the First Base…


Yoyofficer Xpoint might fit your fancy as well.


I’d seen some talk about the X Point today, and later saw this from someone (here) that bought one:

“I received an Xpoint today. It vibes so badly it can hardly be used. I’ve read elsewhere that they have vibe problems, suggesting a widespread issue beyond my own anecdotal experience. If this is how the yoyo plays, it shouldn’t have been released. A very disappointing offering from YoYofficer and a do not buy from me at this point in time.”

Sounds like a bad batch went out the door.


I bought one and it plays just fine. Has minimal vibe even for plastic standards. Every batch has it’s lemons. I bought a teal free hand pro that I never use because the stock vibe was ridiculous


Got a First Base and a YYJ Vexed (w/ 2 bearings) coming in. Also picked up a Velocity today from my local Hobbytown USA.