Need help choosing responsive throw. -merged-


I want a high quality responsive throw and am tired of reading each yoyos overview trying to determine whether its unresponsive or responsive.

I guess a throw with max gap length that still plays responsive with a tug is what I’m looking for most likely. A medium size would be great but not a must. Metal and fast would also be great.

If some options were tossed around that would be awesome


All the high end metals I can think of are exclusively unresponsive. So if your willing to go bimetal: Dark Magic 2 is my suggestion. I know it’s stated a lot, but it’s because it’s that good. And it comes with an extra unresponsive for when you’re ready to switch over. It’s also mid sizes.


I believe that most throws with a half spec bearing will be responsive so you can just swap out the bearing in one of the throws you already have for that

Otherwise you’ll be looking at something like the Walter


I don’t mean to hijack at all.
But does the DM2 still have the adjustable gap? Because in the DM1, it did and it was surely really easily to stagger down to unresponsive play.
But I highly agree with Legyoyo. The DM2 comes with 2 bearings, from which I have read many times, one which is responsive, and will let you go through the learning curve, and then another bearing which is unresponsive, to let you start on the more challenging tricks.
You could find it in the YYE store, here:


I would buy whatever yoyo you like the most and then buy thick lube. Just because a yoyo is unresponsive doesn’t mean you can’t use lube to make it responsive.


Well, I don’t know how much your willing to spend. But I would go with the New Velocity for responsive AND semi responsive play. (When you can have it set to semi responsive it will still come back with a good tug.) AND when you are ready for unresponsive, you just have to turn the dials. Its an all in 1 package bro. HOWEVER I do NOT recommend using the New Velocity as an unresponsive yoyo, because it lasts MAYBE 30 seconds if you have a good throw. But since your looking for responsive, and maybe when you want semi responsive when (if) you get there, it is there without having to wait for days for a new yoyo when you feel that you are ready for a different one… Alls you have to do to make it responsive, semi responsive or dead unresponsive is turn these easy to use dials on the side of the yoyo. I know that the yoyo itself is fully capable of learning all of the tricks on this site that are the beginner to intermediate ones, probably some of the advanced-leveled ones. Please at least give it a chance… 15$ will save you days of waiting for different yoyos. AND because it took me 7 minutes to type this because I am on my phone. >.>


You want a Walter


Alternatively you could just use thick lube in a bearing. Then it will be responsive… Then ? ? ?.. Followed by profit.


I should have been a little more clear of why I’m looking for high end responsive. I have DM2, chief, and ricochet, but would like a great responsive throw to play with when want to do tricks like stop and go, loops, combos that work well with other responsive tricks. The DM2 was great for a starter throw but would like something better for strictly responsive as I feel like the DM2 is better unresponsive as its gap is very small with the standard bearing and is extremely responsive. Not a bad thing for beginners but I’m past most of the advanced tricks.

A throw that needs a good tug, is fast, and metal is preferred but may have to be a two piece if nothing else fits this category. I’m not into looping or anything. The DM1 seems like a good fit besides not being all metal.


And about the lube? I bought both lubes when started yoyoing. Will it really make a chief responsive? I just didnt think lube would override large gaps since the string won’t catch on the response system. I’m fairly new but still learning. Once I put the speed bearing in the DM2 I went through all the tricks up to advanced/couple expert in a week or so but not smoothly by any means. I go back to smoothing old tricks out when get stumped practicing new ones for a change of routine.


there is an Infinity yoyo that is all metal but has a narrow gap that sees as though it would be responsive


yomega maverick (the old one)


Superyo samurai is what you need! Really fun yoyo.


… Just try some 3 in 1 oil if you don’t have any thick lube, if not its a couple dollars. Seriously, if its a fairly unresponsive throw add a drop of thick lube. Dead unresponsive? Add a couple drops. I’d be surprised if you’d need more than that to make just about anything responsive. Watch your knuckles.


I have both thin and thick lube, “I bought both lubes when started yoyoing.” Posted few posts back.

It will make any bearing responsive? I just thought it helped but not changed how the yoyo/bearing combination worked. So I looked at all the suggestions that are sold on here and they look like beginner throws. If lube works then I guess any throw from 888 to barracuda could be an option. But how will a lubed up throw like that perform?

Will it sleep for a shorter time. Will it spin slower? Will it return with slack? I ask all this because opening post and follow up posts explain that want a throw that needs a good tug for it to return.

All the video tutorials that have a DM1 look like it can be set right at the point that I’m looking for in a return. It’s a two piece which is ok but not preferred. I like the DM2 for what it is but after throwing my chief and ricochet, the DM2 just feels cheap in a way. I would still suggest it to anyone for a beginning throw as it can do anything with just a change of its included bearing. The feel just doesn’t compare to a solid to me.


I’m trying to figure out your motivation, need or skill level.

I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you’re new to this thing. I am also assuming you’re going at this alone. This would explain the need for responsive play more. Regardless, if you are new, I still recommend responsive as the way to start out.

Most string trick yoyos are going to be unresponsive these days. Your best bet is to simply ask if you’re not sure in regards to any models that catch your eye.

OK, met me run down a few examples off the top of my head of responsive yoyos by YoYoJam that include a second bearing in the package. These ship with the slimmer bearing for responsive play(tug return), and then you swap the slimmer bearing for the full sized bearing to go unresponsive play(bind return):
Legacy II, Chaser, Dark Magic II, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro, Vexed, Speeder 2 and SFX of what I currently have. Many others do this too, which I think includes the New Breed, SR-71, Revolution and more.

The YYF ONE does the same thing.

The YYJ Classic ships responsive. You can convert this to an unresponsive yoyo with a full sized C bearing. Changing the pads is optional.

If you’re needing metal, the Walter is designed for it, but is sold out to the best of my knowledge. I do think the 888x ships with a slim bearing and a full width bearing.


I started a thread but was moved to Child Boards.

I have DM2,chief, and ricochet but want a high quality metal responsive throw if there is such a thing.

Looking for something fast, solid, and needs a good tug for a return. Sometimes I like doing tricks like stop and go, combos, and other tricks with a tug return just for a change in routine.

From searching here at the yoyo overviews in the shop section I’ve not had any luck. Something with a tad larger gap than the DM2 with standard bearing is where I thought to look first but not really sure if that’s the correct way to search.

I did buy both of the yoyo lubes when first started playing but not really sure how a throw will play just by adding lube to an unresponsive throw. Like will it make it a knuckle breaker, slow sleep times drastically if had to add enough to make it responsive, will slack cause a return, etc…

The DM1 seems like it was capable of being setup to where a good tug was required for a return but its a two piece. Are there any other throws that are metal which would fit what I’m looking for?

Wanting fast, good sleep times, metal, high quality, but on the verge of being unresponsive while tugging causes a return.



The yoyo that would probably meet your wants best is the Walter by Spencer Berry, if you can find one. They were being sold on his website, but they might be all gone.

And why is it a problem that your thread got moved.


It was moved because you put it in the wrong section. That’s what these sections are for. You’re getting plenty of feedback on your other thread too.


I think I get what you are looking for, as I am interested myself, and am about where you are in the learning curve. Here’s what I did: I took an unresponsive yoyo, and installed the string by looping it around the bearing about 5 times. Instant responsive. Plays like Classic with a speed bearing as far as responsiveness is concerned. Simple tug response. Try it.