High-end metal responsive (but long sleeping) yoyo recommendations

I usually use a DV888 (and love it).
I have a Dark Magic II but do not like it (sorry YYE).
I’m looking for a responsive yoyo to add to the collection, probably in the $45-$75 range.
The focus would be for long(ish) string tricks, and maybe a different look than the DV888–for variety.
Any recommendations?

We’re opposite. I am not a big fan of the dv888 and I really like the DM2. No apologies needed.

You want a responsive, long sleeping metal yoyo? The Walter is probably your best bet, but it’s around $120 and I think they all sold out already.

You’ll definitely want something wing-type shape. You might just take some metal yoyo and then use 3-in-1 and grease up the bearing. I’m not really sure what exactly to recommend as you probably don’t want it to be a regular width yoyo, probably a bit narrower than “normal”.

I’m not entirely sure what metal yoyos have narrow bearings. I think there is an 888 that comes with a thin and regular bearing. That might be one of your only choices.

Wood won’t do what you’re after. Spin times are too short.

High-end responsive metals are really not common. The Walter and Flying V are the only two that immediately come to mind. Both created for players with a rather unique style. Both priced above $75 unless you get lucky on the BST.

Any particular reason why you want a responsive yoyo?

Three reasons for wanting to pick up a responsive yo-yo.

  1. Variety: I’m very happy with my DV888 for non-responsive play, and the others in this price range look very similar (let me know if I’m wrong here, and if there is another non-responsive in the space that would sleep longer, or have a much different feel that would give me a reason to switch back and forth–I’m only interested in 1A).

  2. Friendly Kid Syndrome: Ever walk down the street doing tricks (I’m in NYC so this is not as crazy as it sounds), and have a kid come up to you and say “wow, can I try”. In this situation I tried handing over the non-responsive, but it just leaves them frustrated and confused. If they were able to throw a sleeper and pull it back, it would help spread the joy, and get more people initiated into our sport.

  3. Unfriendly Kid Syndrome: Same situation as #2, but this time, the kid finishes with–“what is that, some kind of trick yo-yo? I bet you couldn’t do that with a real yoyo.” A high-performing responsive one would put him in his place. I know this type of ego is probably a bad thing, but after we spend so much time mastering these tricks, we all sometimes get this feeling. Right?

But, it sounds like what I’m looking for might not exist. So please expand your recommendations to either a good responsive plastic that will give me decent performance, or another non-responsive that has a different play than my 888 (and I will just grow up and forget about #s 2 and 3).

I’m going to recommend the Genesis with thick lube.

Rim weight = long spins + lube means responsive.

I don’t really like YYF, but it’s still an option for you.

any chief or ava with half spec

Yeah. Pretty much any high end metal yoyo, but with thick lube or half spec will work. So just pick the throw you want and lube it.

I don’t know that I’d call it “high end”, but a Yomega Maverick is a powerful little responsive metal. I don’t know if I have an older one or something, but I don’t think my gap is the 4.8mm listed here on YYE. Maybe they’ve changed it up or something. Mine’s definitely responsive.

The new one is C bearing and very unresponsive.

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If I could get a responsive Chief, that plays just the same as a regular Chief, just as smooth, sleeps just as long, etc. but responsive I would get it. I love responsive play, I just think its fun. But, it’s cool to do creative binds and whips with an unresponsive too :slight_smile: only yoyo that comes to mind is the Walter but that’s way over your price range :stuck_out_tongue:

A walter

Sticking a responsive bearing (the really slim kind, not sure what its called) in a high end yoyo doesn’t work. There may be some it works on, but I tried to put it in my ILYY and One Drop Sakura and it wouldn’t screw all of the way together. I think it’s because of the side effect system.
I’m pretty sure super lubing a normally unresponsive bearing will decrease spin time. It my be as smooth, and probably quiet, but I’m pretty sure spin time would take a slash
(Note: I haven’t used thick lube, but I know it’s sticking stuff where the bearings spin. So really it’s an educated guess, that it’ll slow spin time.)

If having a handy pocket-ready yoyo for the “non-yoyo kiddies” to try, get a YYF ONE or a YYJ Classic, or if you want to get all fancy about it, get a YYF Velocity and dial it in and out on the fly. If you want metal, get a B-grade Speed Dial, but I’d recommend a plastic.

The ONE is light and will get unresponsive over time, so lube up that sucker with thick lube. The slim stock bearing in the Classic is different and seems to hold it’s responsiveness better and longer. That’s been my experience at least.

Scenario 2 is the one we hope for when running into others…

Scenario 3 is usually a situation where I go into an auto-ignore mode if they want to be snotty about it. I’ll explain briefly that with most modern yoyos, there are different play styles and most yoyos have ball bearings in them. For those who are still paying attention, I can show them a modified shape yoyo. I have an off-string on me most of the time, and I usually have one set up for 5A. I rarely carry anything responsive other than a pair of Unleashed. Once they understand how things have evolved a bit(usually the ball bearing explanation takes care of that)

I have Scenario 4: They’re not asking for the purposes of trying, they are asking so it will get into their hands, and then you can kiss that yoyo good bye because they’re running off with it.

With the Classic, you could keep one set up as responsive, and one as unresponsive, and letting people see and/or A-B the differences. With so many different colors, you can easily see at a glance which one you’re using.

I really don’t like the options of handing a kid a yoyo to try where I am on a daily basis, because they’re already trying to steal from me, and now they would be stealing from me. “Can I try” and then bolt off once they have it. However, I’m in an area that’s got some rotten kids in it. Of course, they are usually a bit more forward about it: “GIVE ME YOUR YOYO.” “CAN I HAVE A YOYO”. Some of these kids are really of the wrong mindset, telling me they are gonna take it from me(and some have tried) or fight me for it.

Maybe kids in Sacramento could use a lesson from kids in New York about manners? Heck, it’s worth a shot if their parents aren’t doing their jobs properly in raising them.

Also there is a version for 5 extra dollars that comes with a bonus KK bearing. Also the new design is sick.

Walter! Or just lube up a bearing. I play my cascade responsive, can do every trick in my book and it’ll come back to my hand with a fly away.

Ok, so today I received a Pacquio from a trade… As expected, the response was a little messed up, it was a little sticky around the pads and in the bearing seat. I cleaned the sticky stuff off the bearing seat, it was still sticky around the pads though. I put my bearing back in to see how responsive it was… It was pretty responsive, but it didn’t take away from the sleep time at all. I did a skin the gerbil to rewind to magic trick(by ann connolly) and it came back to my hand after popping it off of a trapeze, it was awesome. Id love to play with yoyos that are responsive but wont take away from sleep or performance. And the cool thing was, i could still bind it if I wanted to.

So… if you want a responsive yoyo that doesnt take away from your high end yoyos performance, put some sticky stuff around your response pads to get a high perfermance responsive yoyo :smiley:

Like, screw up a silicone job?

Thank you all for your responses. I am close to a decision.
I think I want to try a half-spec instead of lube (just in case I change my mind later).
But for the people recommending half-spec, they mentioned Chief (out of my price range), and Ava (I don’t know what that is).
Genesis is a possibility, but I don’t know if this will take a half-spec.
For the Maverick posters, this price point seems low, and I’m worried about not getting as good spins (as a Genesis for example).

So, can anyone recommend a $50-$85 yoyo that will definitely take a half-spec?

I’m not sure if the Chief or Ava(short for Avalanche) can handle a half-spec bearing

Here are some yoyos that can take a half-spec bearing that come to mind, and sorry if none are metal:
Classic(provide your own C bearing for later on), Legacy II, ONE(with 2 bearings), Chaser, Dark Magic II, Spin Factor X, SR-71, Destiny(It’s 5A, I know), XCon Pro, Hitman Pro. I think the Revolution is another one. I think the VEXed is like this too.

If you want metal with a half-spec, the YYF 888x with the premium package is the only choice here. Unfortunately it’s around $100, so maybe see if YYE is doing a National YoYoDay sale on June 6th and see if you can save a few bucks that way.

Yea haha