Mooneshiners! You prefer Responsive or Unresponsive?

You play with half spec/short axle for responsive play?
You like to play full spec and long axle for unresponsive?
Do you put full spec bearing, but several drops of lube to make it play responsive but gives a wider gap?

How do you have yours setup right now? I keep going back and fourth and can figure out which one I like better. Playing responsive right now with half spec but not being able to exit a wrist mount bugs me, and i miss being able to trow slacks like brent stoles and such.

Then i swap it out, put in full spec and enjoy it, its challenging and unforgiving to bad technique, but after spending some time moonshining, and go back to my Tundra or Manatee, man, I CANT MISS! haha Moonshine totally makes for a cleaner player. Glad I got one.

How do you like yours? What do you think?

Out of the 3 I have I play my half spec responsive the most.

Unresponsive with a center trac, gotten really used to it, it’s becoming one of my favorite yoyos.

I’d love a second one to keep responsive.

I would have liked to get a second to keep responsive as well, cause after going back and fourth my prefered setup is Terripin X Wing cut Ceramic, and my usual cloud string. Its like taking the training wheels off. :wink: i really like it.

I guess me and tug response are not the greatest of friends. We get along fine and well but we dont “really like” each other so much as tolerates each others company.
where as me and unresponsive are fam.

Have you checked this out?

You can have a lot of fun using the Moonshine for typically fixed axle stuff. Some of it might be a bit harder on the Moonshine, but a lot of it works very well. Try “Tape Measure” first! It might get you into a different head space around playing with a responsive yoyo.

I’m playing the Moonshine with the half spec. I still think I might like it better with a smaller diameter bearing, but I’ve gotten much more used to the C size in it. Definitely hasn’t kept it out of my pocket!

I have a center track in mine but I am still getting use to it.

Half spec responsive! Unresponsive was short-lived and did nothing for me.

The half spec bearing that came with my Moonshine wasn’t so great. I replaced it with the bearing out of my YYF ONE …IT’S PERFECT!
There’s a plastic bearing cage on the YYF ONE I bought from Toys-R-us, I don’t know if they are all that way.
: YYF HALF SPEC Bearing (.125 x .500 x .187)

I have been playing mine unresponsive with a One Drop 10-Ball bearing.

I’ve been playing mine with the large stock bearing, string looped 2x. It’s kinda like the best of both worlds.

It’s awesome with the responsive set up. I haven’t tried unresponsive, but it’s so good as responsive, I may never get to it. You haven’t lived till you loop with a Moonshine. And for those beginners, I did 20 around the worlds in a row and it still snapped back to my hand with a thunk. Super fun!

i love mine unresponsive, tons of fun!

Loving it responsive. Definitely an improvement over the good old Cherry Bomb

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Responsive is the way to go for me. Plenty of unresponsive throws. Takes me back to my Yomega Wing Force days. Albeit much more forgiving and less painful.

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Responsive because it is probably the best responsive bearing throw I own. I already have a case of unresponsive and didn’t buy it for that.

I’ll be making moonshine this weekend so we’ll let yall know . I think if you drink enough you will become very unresponsive. I prefer to be not that drunk.

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Got a friend from Tennessee, when he moved north the first thing he mentioned after going shopping was he couldn’t believe he could by 50lb bags of sugar :wink:

He makes some good stuff! Wish I had some barrels that I could age some of his stuff, it’s really good.

Ok, sorry, back to the Moonshine yoyo ;D

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Still at it.