YYF Off String questions

hey guys,

So i wanted to know if when you buy the off string you get the smaller caps to make it normal size free?
And also if its a good yoyo when you make it small? I know some people say that the off string sucks, but i think it would be good for me because its so big and smooth ;D

Yes you get the smaller parts. I don’t know how it plays though.

thanks ape, the play info doesn’t matter that much :smiley:
now if someone else haves the play info on the small off string i would like it ;D

I think the offstring is garbage. period. spend your $20 on a hayabusa or bigyo

Its not that bad…

Its alright… A good yoyo to let non-yoyoer’s play with… Its super responsive, and alot of fun for 1A.

Though the lack of quote/un-quote “Real Response” is an issue… It does return, but the string does not always rewind tightly cause garbage spin times…

Give me a day or two and I’ll have a full review on the Offstring/PocketChange

GO with a pocket change.

I use the pocket change with the offstring wings. It is my favorite offstring. I am still waiting on them to sell wings by themselves. I have 2 pocket changes waiting to throw wings on it.

so… You guys really don’t like off sting :-\ :-\ :-
because i was planning on getting the off string and pocket change combo. I really like 4A, and want to take it to the next level i know where to get the Aquarius, do you think that would be a better choice???

I dont really know… But I can tell you that the Pocket Change with OffString wings is AWESOME!!!

And it can take a bit of a beating… Mine took a 20 ft drop to my face and survived.

…Am I the only that has trouble getting a good bind on the Pocket Change in offstring configuration?