IYOYO Shooting Star Review

Just thought I would post my review after playing this for a couple of weeks.

Diameter:57.00 mm
Width:44.80 mm
Gap Width:3.13 mm
Weight:63.8 grams

Nothing too fancy just your ordinary box, but they did include an extra axle and a full size bearing. The yoyo came with a half spec bearing and a nice soft yellow/green string.

Fit and Finish:
Similar to a lot of other polycarbonate throws on the market right now it has a smooth matt finish that is nice in the hand. The etching/printing on the sides is really clean and has no noticable issues with it. The lettering can hardly be felt and for myself this is a plus.

The yoyo itself fits comfy in my hand with a relaxed h sort of shape. The contours give it an interesting look and the extra fat rim lip gives it a beefy look. It was considerably wider than I thought when I first saw it. I feel like this really follows the current trends for yoyo design.

Play test:
Responsive was a lot better than I was thinking it to be. I thought the half spec wouldn’t be enough to make it truly responsive but I was wrong. The bearing is appropriately lubed and the pads are nice and grippy. I prefer thinner throws for modern responsive but this was still able to handle my inventory of tricks. I struggled a little bit with kickflips but that’s just because I think highwall design just are better for this sort of trick.

Into the unresponsive section, first seeing the throw I thought it was going to be a heavy beast because it looks so thick but I was wrong. It actually plays surprisingly fast and light. I wouldn’t call this floaty or competition oriented it’s like you split all of it’s stats pretty evenly. Nothing super stand out about the play but an excellent all arounder. Spin times are excellent and I think my suicides were top notch on this. I’m not big on horizontal but I would say it fairs ok in this category.

Build quality:
This thing is a tank. It’s taken plenty of hits with no change in play. It came with mild fingernail vibe at the start and after playing pretty rough with it nothing has changed. Not much else to say about build quality other than it’s going to last longer than you will.

Just a great everyday carry for a beginner or advanced player. Built like a tank and is a good all around yoyo. For the pice of $30 I would recommend this to all beginners and anyone who is looking to try our a more advance plastic throw.

If anyone else wants to write a review about this I will gladly ship this out if you cover just the shipping cost.


Thanks for sharing the great review!