concise review of the YYJ Classic


diameter: 58.3 mm
bearing: size C
response: o-ring

First impressions:

When I recieved this yoyo, i honestly thought is was going to play like the YYF one, but on the firt throw i got a smooth playing yoyo; and that was without changing the response and bearing! i put in some monkey snot silicone and a trifecta bearing and the yoyo immediately became one of the best playing yoyos in my collection.

Playability:(i only played it stock for about 5 minutes, so i will review how it plays with my altered setup.)

WOW! That is the only word that comes to mind as i throw this yoyo, for ten dollars you get the playability of my project and the smoothness of my 54. you can feel it hit the bottom of the string with a solid thunk, but it does not take much effort to move the yoyo around at high speed. the spintimes rival the avalance i used to own, and the yoyo is dead unresponsive and does not unexpectedly snap back to your hand. this thing is worth so much more than you paid for.


I agree with a lot of what you said. Infact the only thing that i did not experience that is similar is that mine had some good vibe to it. great throw though!