YYJ Classic - A quick and informal review.

(Troy(oyo) #1

So, I have not been posting here or keeping up with the community much due to being busy with class and work during the summer, but hey, who really noticed I stopped posting.

Anyway, I recently needed new string so I decided that a new yoyo was in order as well, and I saw the YYJ classic. My first reactions were that it was YYJ’s response to the Protostar craze based on the shape, but then I saw the price and was almost turned away. I ended up buying it along with a normal width bearing and silicone pads.

Since the moment I got this yoyo, I knew it would be awesome. I put my new bearing and pads in and instantly was greeted by a dead unresponsive yoyo that plays fast, is very smooth and is fun.

Name any trick you can’t do with a Classic and you have not named a trick. Besides thumb grinds (who does those anyway) the Classic was capable of taking out all of my tricks and asking for more.

Basically, it makes me want to get rid of everything else. This thing, its like ive been paying too much for yoyos my whole life. This thing doesn’t only play well for it’s price, it plays on par with yoyos 5 times it’s price.

This yoyo redefines what I now look for in a plastic. Good looks, good play, no frills, no bells or whistles.

It even does horizontals! WHAT OTHER $10 YOYO DOES HORIZONTALS WELL?

So yeah, you are only doing yourself a disservice by not owning one.


Sold! Blue with orange caps for me, please. Oh, wait… I need to go to the order page.

(Troy(oyo) #3

Seriously, this is the yoyo that I would recommend everyone owns. Comes in tons of colors too.